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Walk Your Way to the Altar in These Unconventional Ways

At almost every wedding, the groom anxiously awaits for his bride at the front of the altar, with his best friends and men standing by his side. Across from him stand the friends and ladies of his wife-to-be, who is getting ready to walk down the aisle. In a typical wedding, the bride is walked down the aisle to a romantic song, with linked arms with her father. The groom may shed a tear, and you can almost guarantee the bride is tearing up.

But what if you do not want a normal, traditional wedding? What if you want to surprise your guests with an extravagant entrance? The cool thing is, it is your wedding! You can enter and exit just how you like, you do not have to be normal. In fact, dare to be different! When considering different ways to walk down the aisle to meet your one and only, keep some of these suggestions in mind that might just meet the criteria you are looking for!

1. Sing Your Way to Your Soulmate

If you are a bride who loves singing, and especially loves singing with her signficiant other, then why not sing your way down the aisle? Whether you do it as a surprise for your husband and completely take him and the crowd aback, or have it completely rehearsed to a T and still make your crowd cry, singing a favorite love song of yours could be just the entrance you seek!

If you want to go above and beyond, why not sing a duet with your other half that is waiting at the altar? While this may seem a bit cheesy, it can truly move your guests and bring tears to your mother’s eyes for sure. If singing is a passion for you and your spouse, then why not express your love through what you both do best?

2. The Guest Bouquet

Want to get your guests involved in your walk down the aisle? As guests enter into the ceremony, have someone stand and hand each guest a flower. Or ahead of time, give flowers to some of your most dear relatives or closest friends who could not be in the bridal party. Then as you make your way down the aisle, collect the flowers from each and every one of the guests, or the guests that are designated the flowers.

If you collect these flowers from your guests to create your own bouquet, it allows for you to connect with those whom care about you the most one more time as a single person before you marry. If you decide to go with this option, you are sure to give your guests all the feels. So if crying is what you want, then crying you will get!

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3. Meet Halfway

Don’t have the patience to wait until you get up front to meet your groom? Then have him meet you halfway! You can do this solo, and walk down the aisle by yourself, or you can have your father walk you down halfway, and then give you away there! Either way you choose, this adds a unique twist on your special day when it comes to making an entrance!

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4. Have Your Groom Walk You Down the Aisle

Are you dearly missing a loved one? Would you rather have your honey walk you down the aisle than someone else from your family? Then go for it! Brides should have the option of deciding who walks own the aisle with them. So if you prefer to go all the way with your one and only, then go for it!

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5. Dance Your Heart Out

Oh yes, this is totally a thing! Love to dance your heart out and go crazy! Consider dancing your way down the aisle! Whether it be solo and by yourself, getting funky with your dad, including your bridal party, or rocking out with your groom, dancing your way to the altar is a way to loosen the guests up and entertain anyone who has come to support your day. Believe me, no one will be sleeping at your ceremony if start it off with a bang!


6. Do Your Own ‘Thang

Are you a strong, independent woman who “don’t need no man” to walk her down the aisle? Then why not do this whole sha-bang solo? Walk down the aisle and have the spotlight completely on you! You can either have your father meet you halfway or up at the altar. Either way, this is an individual option for the free bride who has learned to love and support herself first.

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