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6 Heartwarming Ways to Include Your Grandparents on Your Wedding Day

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Besides our parents, they have cared for us and cherished us more than any other adult that we know. They have sacrificed time to spend with us, bought us things we do not even deserve or need, and Grandma always fixes our favorite meal when we go over to their house. To put it simply, grandparents shape who we are as people, and they are incredibly wonderful.

So who wouldn’t want to honor them on their wedding day? It is the perfect opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve and to celebrate you, their grandchild! So if you really want to incorporate your grandparents into your special day, but do not know how, read on for some unique and special ideas that are sure to bring tears to your grandparent’s eyes.


1. Play their first dance song.

This is an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gesture. Find out from your grandparents and your fiance’s grandparents what their first dance song was at their wedding, and then make a mashup or incorporate their songs into your first song. Your grandparents will absolutely love the fact that you thought of them in this way and will appreciate you and your honey very much.


2. Let them give a toast.

I mean, your grandparents have most likely been married a very long time. So why not let them give you and your groom advice on your new adventure in life? It is always nice to hear encouraging words from the wise, especially after your maid of honor tells embarrassing stories about you or the best man does his speech a little tipsy. So asking your grandparents to speak a few words will make them feel incredibly loved.


3. Capture a few photos with them.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Be sure that you are capturing moments with your grandparents, whether candid or posed, throughout the course of the day. A fun photo idea to do with your grandmother and mother is to put your hands in for a photo, showing off your rings. This is a sentimental idea because it shows the generation difference through your rings! Simple, yet sweet.


4. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

This is a classic way to incorporate an aspect of your grandmother or grandfather on your big day. Whether it be pearl earrings, a cross necklace, a brooch, whatever it may be, add it to your bouquet or you get up somehow. This is a way to show a small token of your appreciation for your grandparents, without moving mountains for them.


5. First dance all over again.

This is the most romantic and sentimental thing you can do to honor your grandparents. Invite them to dance before you to their first dance song. This shows that you honor their commitment in their marriage; that marriage is for life! I can guarantee you that this will not only bring tears to their eyes, but tears to your eyes as well. Get excited because that will be you someday; loved long time and cherished forever!


6. Walk down the aisle.

Let your grandparents lead the way! I mean, they have been married the longest out of everyone in your family (I would assume so and hope so), so why not honor them in a processional walk? You can have your grandfather accompany your grandma, or have the groom accompany them both. Either way, this is a special and meaningful way to open a wedding ceremony. And your guests are sure to be touched and pleased, not to mention your family and grandparents themselves!

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