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7 Unique Ways To Play With Your Child In A Baby Bouncer

Playing is one of the best things to do with your child.  Children learn by playing, watching, and mimicking what parents say and do.  What better place to play than when your child is in his or her baby bouncer.  Some may see the bouncer as a place to put their child so that they can get some work done.  And of course, nothing is wrong with that at all.  While you are washing dishes or cleaning, having your baby next to you in a bouncer, makes perfect sense.  And a baby that is entertained is a happy baby.  Today I’ve put together some ideas for you to play with your baby while he or she is in a baby bouncer.  Some of these ideas include activities to do while you are also going about your other tasks. I hope that these activities help you to bond with your child and have some fun!

Sing and Bounce to The Wheels On The Bus Song

The American Folksong, “The Wheels on The Bus” written by Verna Hills is a fun repetitive song that most kids love. This is a great song to sing to and with your child as they are bouncing in the bouncer.  Encourage your child to jump and bump up and down just like the people in the song.  The great thing about this activity is that you can be doing other chores while singing and playing along.

Clapping and Jumping

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Clapping goes right along with jumping nicely.  Encourage your child to clap as they jump in the jumper.  They will be working on their gross motor skills.  Best of all, most kids love to make noise.  Play some music, or sing some songs, and encourage your child to clap with you.

Count Jumps

Counting along with your child as they bounce in a bouncer is a great way to teach them to count.  This doesn’t have to be a formal lesson, but rather watch them bounce and say enthusiastically, “One, two, three, four,” and so on as they bounce.  You may even start to notice that your child bounces to the tempo that you count.  This shows that they are getting what you are doing and how each number represents a jump.  It won’t be long before they are counting their own jumps out loud to you.  Again, this is an activity that you can do with them as you work on other projects with your child by your side.

Sing the Alphabet Song

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Sing the ABC song while your child is in the bouncer.  Encourage him or her to sing along.  It doesn’t matter that they may not know their ABC’s yet.  The important thing is that they are hearing mom sing it, and are having fun with you.  Children learn to talk by first hearing what is said to them and by listening to others talk around them.  By singing the ABC song, you are also doing a very early reading lesson.

Jump Mom!

Jump along with your baby.  Most likely your baby will find great delight in seeing mom jump too.  You’ll also be burning some extra calories and can use this as a great time to get in some exercise.  Do some jumping jacks or squats while your baby squeals in delight and most likely jumps along with you.  The point is to get moving.  Workout out together and have some fun.

Play Some Music With a Beat

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While your baby jumps it may be fun to play some music with a beat to it.  Most babies love music and love to hear soft drumming sounds.  It’s human nature to want to move along with the music.  It’s even more fun when mom joins in and dances along by holding their baby’s hands while they bounce.

Ask Your Baby To Jump and Laugh When They Do

I always liked asking my baby to do something and then laughing with her when she’d do it.  Say, “Can you bounce?”  When he or she does it, praise him or her and laugh together.  Ask questions like, “Can you kick?”  If you are ok with baby talk, then you might want to say “Do kicky kicky!” Then be ready to bring on the praise.  Most babies will find great delight that they can control their bodies and make them move on cue and when asked.   I bet your baby will also find delight in seeing your approval.

Final Thoughts

I’ve given some ways to have fun with your baby while he or she is in the baby bouncer.  But this list is only a suggestion.  I hope that you might try some of these and that one or more of my ideas may spark a better idea.  The point is to have fun, laugh, and get your baby to enjoy moving around in the bouncer.  Play is truly the work of children.  Enjoy letting them play with you while they work out the kinks of learning how to make their body work.  Play language games, sing songs and better yet, do what comes natural.  Make sure to smile.  If your child is smiling back at you, then you are doing a great job. Happy bouncing!

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