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Let Your Furry Family Members Help You Say “I Do”!

Pets are an important part of our everyday lives. They follow you around the house, they make sure that you aren’t dying behind closed doors by scratching at the door, and they greet you at the door when you come home. They spend their whole lives waiting for you to come home and give them attention. Give them the attention and the honor that they deserve… But first, you must dress them to impress!

Dogs and Cats

First off, you must decide how you want to include your pets in your big day. Do you wish to have them present? Do you wish to keep them away from the big crowd? You must ask yourself a few questions before you decide.

  1. Will your pet do ok with all the attention?
  2. Are there going to be people to take care of your pet while you’re busy?
  3. Will there be someone to take your pet home if you are leaving right from your venue to go to your honeymoon?
  4. What will they wear?

Once you have answered the first three questions, you can move on to the fourth question! We are here to help you dress your pet to the nines for your big day.

Bow Ties



Bow ties are very sophisticated. A bow tie is a very easy way to dress your pet up without the hassle of trying to get them in an actual outfit. If your pet is hard to dress we know that they will not perform well with a full outfit on.

Special Collar



A special collar is great too, it doesn’t have to be a bow tie! How darling is this? This is simple, yet elegant. A very pretty way to dress your pet up to play their part for your big day!




Is your pet your flower girl or a bridesmaid? Or is she just making an appearance for your big day? Have her wear a tutu! Adorable!

A Complete Outfit

If your pet is comfortable wearing a full outfit, be sure to check out a ballgown or a tux! How sweet would it be for your pet to have their own special attire for your big day. Whether they are just there for pictures or they have a special role in your wedding, they will look fabulous.




A Tuxedo



A Sign To Carry Down The Aisle

Instead of wearing an outfit, have them wear “carry” a sign down the aisle. Maybe they will be in charge of the rings too! How neat would it be if your pet could be your ring bearer!



Include Them In The Decor

If your pet can’t make an appearance at your big day because you answered no to the first three questions, you may not want to have them at your actual wedding. Include your pets in the decor. A cake topper, a photo, or involved them in your engagement session!



They Don’t Need No… Outfit!

Maybe your pet is just too perfect and doesn’t need an outfit. Let them show up in all their glory with nothing but their God given shiny and healthy coat!  They will more than likely get compliments no matter what for just being there and being perfect!

Now that you’ve got your pet dressed to the nines, you don’t have to worry about them looking anything less than perfect! If you’re including your pet in your wedding ceremony, be sure that they don’t look anything less than spectacular. Your pets are honored to be there for their humans. Have fun planning your furever!


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