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Wedding Backdrops that will Make Your Jaw Drop

It is time to venture away from the typical, expected satin wedding backdrop and get creative with this aspect of your wedding. The backdrop of your wedding will add visual interest to your wedding and is a fun way to incorporate your themes and colors of your wedding. Creating a wedding backdrop is an easy DIY  that you can do with your bridesmaids that will help you all bond and will also create some really cute Instagram posts. Here are some beautiful backdrops that will inspire you and get the wheels turning in your head.


This simple, cute backdrop is perfect if you want a low maintenance DIY. A backdrop of streamers will reflect your fun-loving personality and will make for great wedding pictures. Whether you decide to place this behind your bridal party table or next to you at your ceremony, it will be sure to be complimented on by all of your guests. You ca DIY this with your bridesmaids at a low cost by simply buying streamers that coordinate your wedding colors and getting some pipes to hang them on. Happy DIYing!

Hanging Flowers

hanging flowers


A hanging flowers backdrop is a lovely way to place a delicate and girly touch to your wedding. You can have bonus points if the flowers you incorporate are the same as the ones in your bouquet! You can create this backdrop with either fake or real flowers and some twine. This will make for great photos from both your wedding photographer and from your guests. At the end of the project you will have a whimsical backdrop that will get oohs and aahs from your guests.


With a chalkboard backdrop, you will have endless options of types of backgrounds you can create. You can write both of your names and the date and then the rest is up to you! You can fill in the leftover empty space with things that pertain to your wedding theme or even with signatures and notes from your guests. A chalkboard is the way to go because you can express your creativity and personality through what you decide to draw on it, and if you can’t draw, we all have those artsy friends that would love to share their originality.

Hanging Tiles

This unique choice of backdrop is perfect for the indie heart inside all of us. This will give a colorful twist to your wedding photos. By adding some contrasting greenery to your tiles will make the backdrop pop and attract the attention that it deserves. You can put this either behind you at the ceremony or outside for the guests to take pictures in front of, or both. This multipurpose backdrop will be sure to draw attention and compliments on your wedding day.


Fab Fans

A fan backdrop is a fun alternative to the traditional wedding backdrop. It adds flair and playfulness to your wedding venue and is an idea that not many people choose to execute which makes it unique. You can blend many different colors of fans and globes to your backdrop to have it match your colors and theme. You can even throw in some colors that are not in your wedding to make the backdrop pop out even more. Have your bridesmaids and family help you out with this DIY by having them cut out the fans and helping you place them. This idea would be especially beautiful for a winter wedding by making them light blue and white which will make it look like snowflakes and crystals.


planter wedding backdrop


This breath-taking, natural backdrop is sure to reflect to your guest how down-to-earth you and your spouse are. By collecting together some pots and placing succulents, flowers, and other plants in them, you will create a gorgeous atmosphere full of nature and rustic feel. This backdrop is perfect if you are planning a natural or simple wedding. This popping backdrop will make for gorgeous photos that you and your kids and your kid’s kids will look back on for generation.

Paper Circles

This mind-blowing backdrop is probably the hardest to execute due to the amount of meticulous detail. You would have to be a pretty artsy fartsy person to tackle this challenge, but the end result would be a beautiful piece of artwork that you would treasure forever. You could even take this piece and put it up in your new home because of how you masterly and skillfully you crafted this backdrop that belongs in The Louvre.

The backdrop of your wedding is a detail that contributes to the quality of your photos and the theme of your wedding. So now that you are inspired to create, or buy, a one-of-a-kind backdrop, go for it! No matter what you choose, it will be sure to highlight the love shared between you and your spouse.

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