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Having Trouble Finding the Perfect Wedding Bands? Look No Further!

Often times we see women with gorgeous engagement rings that their groom picked out. They may have taken countless hours to pick the perfect setting, to pick out the perfect metal for their beloved. But why does it have to stop there? A matching wedding band to accompany the gorgeous engagement ring is apt, but what about the groom? He has thoughts and opinions too! Make it easy for you both and shop somewhere that you can buy wedding bands for both of you!

Why Buy?

Why buy from Two words… Lifetime warranty. There is no waiting period to use the lifetime warranty; Although regular wear and tear on your purchase may not be considered damage that would result in using the warranty, you can use their services to re-plate the surfaces for $20! Which brings me to my second reason to buy from weddingbandsforboth!

Affordability in today’s society is a big turn on to those planning a wedding and trying to stick to a budget. Here you have style and cost efficiency; Not only for purchasing your wedding bands, but also for maintenance for their lifetime.

And, thirdly! FREE shipping and FREE returns, 100% guaranteed. What’s better than a lifetime warranty, affordability, and free shipping and returns? Well, your purchase from, of course!

The Main Materials



A working man’s or woman’s ring! Made of the toughest materials that will not fade or scratch easily. Designs can be laser engraved directly onto the the tungsten material and polished for a sleek and stylish look!



Often times when we think of cobalt, we think of the rich blue color that we would see on a color chart; However, when talking wedding bands… We see a handsome white color that is tougher than titanium and steel and a whole lot lighter too! This is a lighter option, but not so light you can’t add bling to your ring!



While tungsten wedding bands may scratch due to be encased with a plating to give them their dark color,  a ceramic composite is through and through a solid color. This is a lighter option and a more sturdy option when it comes to everyday wear and tear.


Price Match

Can you go to other jewelers and receive a price match? The answer is usually no. You can’t walk into big jewelry shops and say you saw that exact ring cheaper somewhere else. With wedding bands for both you can just visit the site and give all the information that they need and buy away at the lowest price guaranteed!

Return Guarantee

Because they want you satisfied with your purchase or purchases, they give you time to test drive your buy. How neat is that?! Their return policy is quite reasonable, if you ask me!

The Warranty

As we grow, our ring stays the same, but a nifty perk about the lifetime warranty? As you grow, so can your ring! Just make sure you have a copy of your receipt handy so when your finger grows, so can your ring!

Laser Engraving


For a small fee of $25 you can have your new purchase engraved to say whatever you like with a 30 character limit including spaces. You can say a lot for that, but if you don’t have enough room for what you want to say, you can pay $1 per character for each additional character after the original 30!

Wood Boxes892_1___83815-1415686708-1280-1280


For an additional price, you can even purchase finished wooden ring boxes that are able to be engraved up to 30 character for an extra $20 in the font of your choice. Pretty stellar if you ask me!

Wedding bands for both is a wonderful one stop shop. You can buy your rings with the comfortably knowing that you will have a solid purchase with backed guarantees, you have the ability to purchase a beautifully finished wooden box to house your rings, and you can customize your purchase. Be sure to visit for the coolest styles and the best deals!


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