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Flowers Are So Last Season… Check Out These Awesome Alternatives!

Do you know what the average cost of wedding flowers are? $2100. Yeah… Tell me about it! That’s a mere arm in cost. But I mean really… Have you ever thought about it? You’re paying all that money for something that dies. If you’re the bride, you won’t even be able to enjoy them, because you’ll be so busy at your wedding ceremony and your reception it will be a blur. Then you’ll more than likely leave right from there to go on your honeymoon. So, what are the alternative to real flowers for your decor?

Instead of Candles…

Think about it, you’ll have to have someone go around and light your candles and make sure that they are burning and ready to go by the time that you enter your reception venue. Candles are great, they give off a special ambiance that can set the mood only like a candle can. But what about the amazingly awesome alternative that gives a similar ambiance… Fairy or firefly lights are great! Not only do they give the ambiance like a candle does, but they also are hassle free when it comes to lighting!

Fun and Games

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Table numbers will be on the table as it is, so why not place them on the table as the main centerpiece? Pop them on the table with a mason jar full of pens for them to write you a little note. And you know that you’ll have an hour or so to take pictures until you arrive at your reception so be sure to pop some fun and games on the table for your guests to play while they wait! Don’t bore your guests to death!

Frame Yourself

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This is your party and you can dress your tables how you want to. Place pictures of the two of you on the table. Whichever table number you are setting the pictures on, have the pictures correspond with that. So for example, table number one, you’ll both have your one year old pictures in them and so on and so fourth!

Favorite Books

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Are you a couple of avid readers? Do you both enjoy reading the classics? Or do you just love reading to escape the day? No matter the reason, if you both love reading and have a wonderful collection, use them as your centerpieces! Have each table be an author or a genre instead of a table number! How cool and unique is this idea!

Nature-y Items

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Ever think of using things out in the wild in other methods other than what they were intended for? Instead of using fall foliage as a back drop, incorporate some leaves or pinecones into your centerpieces. Have a super fun trip to the beach where you collected a slew of sea shells? Turn those shells into your centerpiece! Nature doesn’t have to just be outside for your guests to enjoy, bring it into your reception venue as your centerpieces for them to enjoy as well!

The Family Tree

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So obviously you both have roots, you both come from somewhere, but how can you show that without being cheesy about it? This whimsical centerpiece will not only make your dreams come true with the most romantic centerpiece, but it also has special meaning and representation of where you came from!

When it comes to the average decor known as centerpieces, which will you choose? Will you go the “real” route of flowers or will you go with the alternative method of extraordinary? Now is the time to make your centerpieces anything buy ordinary. Make them your own and show your guests who you really are as a couple. And if you’re looking for an alternative to your bouquet, be sure to check out some of these cool alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet! Happy planning!

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