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Wedding Day Fails We Should Have Seen Coming

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. That is because life is imperfect. Learning to love (and laugh at) life’s imperfections transforms the mess that is life into beauty.

Such a perspective often needs to be applied to weddings, as imperfections are bound to occur. You can count on something, or a lot of things, going differently than you planned. But if you learn to laugh at those moments, they will make your day all the more memorable and beautiful — painting a more realistic picture of the life you have to look forward to as a married couple.

Enjoy the below examples of wedding day mishaps as you attempt to mentally prepare yourself for those which are bound to take place on your big day. As you laugh at the misfortunes these couples endured, consider how you would react if similar events took place on your wedding. And learn from their mistakes, as well!

‘Have a farm wedding,’ they said. ‘It’ll be fun,’ they said.

We didn’t want dessert anyway.

‘Just in case the bridal party needed to cool down a bit…

Storms are all fun and games until your umbrella breaks.

Wind versus bride (spoiler alert: the wind wins)

All the photobombs

Sometimes making waves isn’t a good thing.

Candid photos are the best!

Okay, maybe not that candid.

Famous last words: we’re stronger than we look!

Man’s best friend, but bride’s worst enemy.

Even crying kids are cute, right?

For the dad who isn’t quite ready to let you

You may kiss the… Stephanie?!

Remember that no matter what mishaps you must endure, your wedding was a success as long as you walk away married to your soulmate. And wedding day fails got nothing on that!

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