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The Wedding Is Over… What Do You Do With Your Wedding Decor?

You’ve spent countless of dollars on decor, attire, food, photography, and favors. There are probably multiple items that you have purchased that you will never use again. Multiple items that will get used every day. Maybe some items that you won’t even bother with once the big day is over with. The great thing about planning your own wedding? You’ve probably stayed true to your own personal style. So more than likely the items that you’ve purchased will be great for use in your home later on… But what can you do with the decor that you have used for your big day? It’s probably just laying in a pile in the basement or maybe it’s packed away out in the shed… Try these alternative instead!

Wedding Swap

CALLING ALL BRIDES-TO-BE and newly weds! See if there is a wedding swap anytime in your area! “Swap weddings? What?”… No, not physically swap weddings… Just a decor swap. There are now planned events that happen that literally have brides from all over trying to sell or swap some of their items from their wedding instead of throwing them out or leaving them sit in boxes in the basement. You never know what you may find at these events… Heck! You may even decorate your entire wedding from these events at less than half the cost or find some cute decor for your home together!

Sell by Social

Instead of searching for a wedding swap, take initiative and sell your own stuff in your own way. Now there are ways to sell on-line that are easier and better than before. Forget those shady sites that allow anyone and everyone to contact you or see personal or private information. Now you can sell your items by using social media! What better way than word of mouth… With people that you know! Use your friends list to your advantage!

Re-purpose Your Wedding

Your wedding once had a purpose… For you to get married, why not give it a purpose for something else in your life? How cool would this be see pieces from your wedding throughout your home? Did you use fairy lights to set the mood? Place them on your mantel for soft lighting. Did you use wood flowers? Silk Flowers? Use them to make a wreath for your front door!

Leave Them Behind

Your venue may have the option to leave your decor behind. This may be included in the package that you have chosen. If you leave your decor behind, the venue may clean it up, but they may not save it. Give them the option to keep it for another wedding that may come in. Either way, once the wedding is over, you won’t have to worry about your decor and cleaning it up!

Share The Wealth

Donation are great! If you think about it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your decor. This is money that you have spent on items that will be used for one day. ONE DAY! That is craziness! You spend all that money for something that will only be enjoyed for a few hours. Give another bride that may not have the money to spend a chance to have a wonderful and fully decorated wedding! This option won’t make you any money, but it will give you the option to help out another bride! You’ll feel great for sharing!


More than likely your centerpieces, other than the flowers, could have some use around your home. Maybe you went with the country theme and used mason jars for your center pieces, use those mason jars as cups for when you have big events at your home! Eco friendly and easy to clean up! Or maybe you used pretty scented candles to set the mood? There probably isn’t enough candle to still burn, try melting them down to put in a wax warmer!

Gift and Share

Use some of your centerpieces as quick gifts when you go places. House warming party? Re-use your centerpiece as the gift! Christmas present? Reuse the table runner as the wrapping paper for your gift. Find a way to make your decor into something for someone else. My mother always told me, “Don’t show up anywhere empty handed!”… Make this your “in-hand” gift for when you go to a friends house or when you are invited somewhere!



Don’t just throw your wedding decor out. Far too often there are things that get missed and things that aren’t taken care of when it comes to wedding decor. Some brides don’t even know or care what happens to their decor items after their big day. More likely than not they are out the door on their way to their honeymoon and that is all that they care about. If you are alright with that, then more power to you, but if you more of the “in-control” bride, then these tips may save you a few dollars or make you a few dollars when the big day is over! Happy deciding!


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