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Wedding Dress Mishaps: Prepare and Avoid!

On your wedding day we have the nervous jitters, the happy butterflies, and the anxious palpitations as we prepare for our big day. We expect everything to go back to normal after we get everything set. We don’t expect anything to go wrong, but lets face it… Something is bound to go wrong… It may be big or it may be small, but why not be prepared for that catastrophic event to the best of our knowledge? Ok, so you can’t prepare for every little event expecting the worst; but we can prepare for issues with your dress, right?

Shipping Errors

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Your day is approaching quickly… By the time you reach a month pre-wedding day, your dress should be fitted and ready to go. Hidden in a safe place and pressed. BUT… If you ordered online with custom measurements so the dress is guaranteed to fit, great… but that guarantee isn’t always a guarantee. What happens if you don’t get your dress in time to fix the “guaranteed” design that is too short or too tight?

Fix: Be prepared for anything. Have a back up plan, if you know your shipment date will not correlate well with your wedding date, just be aware that you’ll need to have a back-up dress. This may be hard to do with a wedding dress, but plan ahead. Give yourself enough time. You should find your dress nine months prior to your big day and have it done and ready to go a month before your big day! Plain and simple: Plan it out accordingly, if you know you aren’t going to have time to have it ordered, made, and fitted in the time that you have, don’t order online!

Fabric Errors

Fabric errors are bound to happen. If you are super, uber careful with how you accommodate your dress prior do the big walk down the aisle, then you may be ok. But be prepared to have something happen to your dress.

A Tear

A simple sewing kit with thread to match the color of your dress should do the trick. Be sure to have a sewing kit with matching thread, a needle, scissors, safety pins, and similar fabric. You don’t have to be a grand seamstress for this, but you want it to look neat and clean. Be sure to take your time in repairing the tear or the snag. Also helpful for these tears are fabric glue!

A Zipper

The zipper malfunction can be a big malfunction. Your dress may have a zipper to hold it up and only a zipper, no buttons or anything! So how will your dress stay up with a broken zipper? Thanks to Sharon from she gives a step by step on how to quickly repair a zipper; Though it may be a pair of jeans that she is fixing, the technique will still work on your dress!  (TIP: if your zipper is simply sticking, not broken, lubricate it by rubbing candle wax or a bar of soap on the teeth to lubricate it.)

A Spill

Click the picture to buy!

Click the picture to buy!


Blot from the outside of the stain in. Be sure to get as much of the stain as possible. After you blotted most of the stain out, be sure to soak a white towel in warm water and dab from the outer part of the stain to the center.


Food is usually oily and can leave that gross, nasty food stain… Be sure to have baby powder handy. Place this on the stain and leave it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. The baby powder will absorb the oil. Bush away the powder and dab it from the outer edges in with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.


Hopefully there is no blood shed on your big day, but hey, dealing with those family members can really get to you, right?? Just kidding, we know that accidents happen, so room temperature water to blot the stain will be your best friend. Once you have most of the stain dry, dab it dry with a white towel.


Try a stain removal wipe or make up remover. DO NO RUB! You definitely do not want the stain to spread. Dab.


For these stains you could try covering the stain, once it is pretty well taken care of, with chalk or powder. Keep your stains simple as you don’t want to add any unnecessary products to the stain itself.

If these stain removing tricks don’t work, try the stain removal wipes and treatments. If the stain hasn’t spread to other layers, be sure to keep the stain contained to just one portion of the dress, if at all possible.

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More Than A sneak Peak

Your dress is see through. Or imagine it is. Be sure to have the proper underclothes to cover what you’re trying to hide. Be sure to have full coverage, don’t assume because you have multiple layers that you can’t see through your dress! Invest in a slip!


Prepare for anything on your big day and be sure that you prepare for those little mishaps to happen. Hopefully you don’t need to use any of these tricks, but if you do, you’re fully prepared! Happy planning!

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