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Who Will Be Emotionally Affected By Your Nuptials?

Who will be emotionally affected by your wedding? We often forget about everyone else involved other than ourselves.. I mean it is your big day, right? Even if it is your big day, we cannot forget about those around us. It may sound silly, but there will be people affected by your nuptials.


Both sets of parents will be gaining a son or a daughter. This is someone that they didn’t grow up with. They have to adapt to how they look at their child as a whole and not just as one person.

How to make it better? Be sure to spend lots of time with each set of parents. Together and apart. Try doing things with them all together as a big group, in-laws with in-laws; This allows them to get to know the people that raised their new in-law while giving you all the opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit better!


Siblings tend to be jealous. Their older and not married or their younger and wish to be where you are. You may have always had competitions when it came to life events.

How to make it better? Reassure them that this isn’t a competition. You may even ask for them to take a part in your wedding. If they really aren’t receptive, let them know (in a polite way) that you won’t stand for their behavior. You really don’t want it to come to this, but you also don’t want them to ruin your big day.



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Younger Children

Young children with their parents re-marrying or starting a new relationship can be tricky. Often times the child feels as though they may be forgotten in the midst of wedding planning. When the wedding is over, they may not know the boundaries of the new relationship at hand. The whole “you’re not my real parent” may come about and that is a bump in the road that you’ll have to deal with.

How to make it better? Include them in the wedding planning. Let them be apart of this exciting time. If they are old enough to understand, let them join in. Be sure to be united with your partner when it comes to discipline and direction for the kids.

Older Children

Adult children.. they have feelings still about your love life. They may feel as though they have to side with one parent over the other and may not agree with the “new” relationship.

How to make it better?  Don’t treat them with “kid gloves” because they aren’t kids. Be sure to be honest with them and let them know that you’re happy. Let them see you together with your “new” significant other. Including them in the planning and maybe even the wedding will allow them to see your true happiness, which is what counts!

Your Bridesmaids

Your girls are obviously going to be affected. They’ll be overly emotional with the events of the day. Your maids are basically your chosen siblings, if your real siblings have thoughts and feelings about the situation, your maids will too!

How to make it better? Spend time with them. Be thankful to them for all the help that they have given you by showing it and thanking them. Re-assure them that they are appreciated and loved.



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This may sound funny, but you are affected by your wedding. The planning causes stress and maybe financial concerns. Don’t be alarmed when you feel emotionally drained from your wedding. There are lots of people to deal with, lots of people that need to be paid, and lots of things that need to be done.

How to make it better? Ask for help. Talk to each other. If he hasn’t taken a part in the planning, don’t give him a choice. Give him something to do that he will actually enjoy doing! Like cake testing or picking out the food (he honestly doesn’t care what he has to wear and the little details won’t matter to him.) Delegate your tasks to your bridal party and just be easy-going with your planning.


Life goes on and if your big day isn’t exactly how you planned it, don’t fret. You’ve got the rest of your lives to show your love to one another. Your wedding will come and go and everyone will enjoy what they came for the most… The cake!!! Just kidding, your vows to love, devote, and accept each other for all the days of your lives. Happy planning!

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