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You’ve Got a Wedding? We’ve Got the Favors

How do you hope your guests describe your wedding? Beautiful? Meaningful? Romantic? The word continuous probably does not instantly come to mind. But surprisingly, this latter term is essential in producing an aesthetically pleasing wedding, or at least one where the small details don’t distract from the greater meaning of the wedding.

Themes help to establish continuity. They help to guide decisions on decorations, venue, colors, and more, pointing all the details of your wedding in the same general direction. Wedding favors are no exception. They either complement the rest of your wedding or contradict it. If selected carefully and in line with your theme, they will not only contribute to the continuity but also reflect your interests and preferences.

For the tropical wedding:

Are you walking barefoot down the aisle? Do coconuts and palm trees serve as decoration? Will you blend sand as a symbol of unity during the ceremony? These personalized sunscreen bottles would continue that theme.

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For the rustic wedding:

Is your wedding reception taking place in a barn? Are you taking pictures on a vintage tractor? Will your bridesmaids don cowboy boots instead of stilettos? These antler bottle stoppers will just look like additional decoration that your guests can actually take home.

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For the country chic wedding:

Did you spend a fortune on burlap and mason jars? Are twinkle lights your main source of light? Will the ceremony and reception take place far from any cities? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it — use these burlap favor bags.

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For the vintage wedding:

Did you do most of the shopping for your wedding at an antique store? Are you wearing your grandmother’s wedding dress? Will every guest eat off china plates and dab their mouths with handkerchieves? These antique finish frames can double as place cards.

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For the natural wedding:

Do you typically snack on fruits and veggies rather than candy? Do you have your own garden? Are the dinner options all made from local whole foods? These personalized clover honey jars may be the perfect wedding favors for your wedding.

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For the woodsy wedding:

Is the wedding venue a forest, field, or vineyard? Do most of your decorations come in the form of flowers and branches? These butterfly bookmarks will fit right in.

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For the winter wedding:

The squirrels stored acorns for the winter, give your guests their very own with these salt and pepper shakers.

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For the fall wedding:

The cooling weather will have your guests craving a bonfire, make it possible with these personalized match boxes.

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For the summer wedding:

The weather will be hot, keep your guests cool with these hand fans.

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For the festive wedding:

Are you using your wedding as an excuse to have a party? Will guests be congregating around the open bar? Let them take the party home with them with these stemless martini glasses.

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For the culinary wedding:

Do you and your betrothed come from families that value food? Will relatives and friends that are chefs be in the audience? Was your registry comprised solely of kitchen supplies? Give your guests a gift you would love yourself: a bottle of olive oil.

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For the nautical wedding:

Will your bridesmaids be dressed in coral, navy, and white? Will stripes, anchors, and rope serve as centerpieces? Help your guests remember your nautical wedding with these frosted candle glasses.

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For the abroad wedding:

Have you and your fiancé done your fair share of traveling? Will your wedding incorporate the experiences and momentos from those travels? These luggage tags are not only fitting, but will encourage your guests to travel on their own.

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For the animal-lover wedding: 

Is your dog serving as the ring bearer? Did you ask your guests to donate to the ASPCA as a wedding gift? Will your honeymoon include visits to the natural habitats of your favorite animals? These whale bottle openers are both decorative and useful.

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No matter the theme of your wedding, you can find favors that allow for continuity. Take your time to find the perfect favors to match your theme, and consequently your personality. Not only will you thank yourself when the wedding looks beautiful, but your guests will thank you when they walk away with these awesome souvenirs from your big day!

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