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What To Wear: Wedding Guest Attire!

Often times when we go to a wedding we may not know what exactly to wear. We may not have a clue what the theme is or what the color scheme is, but we do know the basic rules for wedding guest attire. But if you don’t, don’t fret, use these tips to help you out at the next wedding you’ll be attending and you will be good as gold!

Read The Invitation

Step one. Read the invitation. Don’t skip over this step. The invitation may not only have the date and time, but it may have clues as to what the dress code may be.

Dress Code

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Dress code is usually an indication to what time the event may be as well, so paying attention to the time would be well too.

White Tie

White tie is the dressiest of the dressiest options. This is what you would wear to see the Queen of England. Think ball gowns and long tail tuxedos.

Black Tie

Next in line from the white tie, is the black tie. This option allows you to be a little less formal than white tie, but you still must dress for the evening. Think long, elegant dresses and tuxedos.


Formal is the most common for weddings now-a-days. This option allows you to wear a suit and tie and a fancy cocktail dress.

Beach Chic

Comfy but yet still formal enough to look like you’re attending a wedding. Khakis and a button down and a long, flowing dress.

Dressy Casual

Church clothes is the best way to describe this. If you would wear it to Sunday School and Sunday Lunch at grandma’s house then go for that. Think a suit and tie and a nice top and skirt or pretty dress.


Casual usually means all bets are off. Wear what you like. If that is shorts and a tee shirt and a sundress, go for it! Although, it is a wedding, use your best judgement!



The color of these items will depend on the time of year and the time of the wedding. Usually lighter colors in the summer and darker colors will appear in the winter, but what you must never do is wear white. The bride should be the only one in white, if the bride isn’t wearing white, then go for it (But you may not know until she walks down the aisle… let’s just assume…)!

If you may not know the color that the bridal party is wearing, you may want to consider asking before you go out and purchase your attire. The bride or the bridal party could tell you that with a simple phone call or text if it isn’t included in the invitation. Usually neutral colors are best to wear when attending a wedding!


The bride should be the center of attention on her big day. You shouldn’t try to steal the show by “showing off”. Modest is hottest in this case. Wearing a dress with a low cut neck line and a low cut back with a short hem would be considered showing off. One or the other would be best.

Depending on the location of the wedding ceremony may also determine your outfit style as well. Would you go to church and be comfortable in it? Would you want your grandparents to see you dressed like that? Question yourself before you buy or wear your outfit to rule out the “no’s”.

Don’t “Under or Over Dress”

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If you over dress in white tie attire for a casual event, you may be over-dresses, stealing the scene from the bride and if you wear casual wear to a black tie event, you may look as though you don’t belong or care to be there.

If you are unsure of what the attire is supposed to be, be sure to ask the bride. She will be more than happy to what to wear on her big day! She doesn’t want anyone outshining her or bringing the style down. But a rule of thumb… If it looks like a bridesmaids dress, don’t wear it!


Deciding what to wear at a wedding is uber tricky when you don’t have all the details. Be sure to educate yourself on the type of event that you are attending. Call the bride or the groom to get the 411. You were obviously invited for a reason, so don’t show up and looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. Get the facts and look marvelous enough to support the bride and groom with style!

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