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Make Your Wedding Guests Your Photographer With These Fun 5 Ideas

Through the fun wedding planning process, most people come to find out that wedding photographers are NOT cheap! The mere expense of these wedding professionals can quickly put you at a loss on what to do. You could pay for hours of photography that will cost you loads of money OR you could simply have your guests be your photographer! A professional photographer could still come for about two or three hours to get the important photos of you and your new hubby, but once it’s party time, put your guests to work (in a fun way of course)! Look below for some fun alternatives to the costly wedding photographer!

Polaroid Guestbook


Have your guests snap a picture with a polaroid to create the picture-perfect guestbook. With each guest taking their own picture, your guests get to be apart of the photography process. Along with taking pictures with friends and family or by themselves, they can write you notes and advice on the back. Polaroids are perfect to look back on and see all of the fun your guests had at your wedding. Displaying them in fun ways can add an extra element of personality and your style. Try hanging them by using rope and decorative clips, or in a small wooden chest repurposed to match your wedding theme.  A polaroid guest book is perfect for making your guests the photographers on your special day.


Wedding Hashtags


Create a wedding hashtag that everyone can tag with their pictures from your wedding. This gives a sneak peek of your wedding to others and encourages your guests to photograph the best parts of your wedding. If you have trouble creating your wedding hashtag, think about including some combination of you and your fiancé’s first and last names, the year, interests, or nicknames.  Check Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see if the hashtag you want to use has been used before and how much it has been used. Also, make sure to have your hashtag announced by the DJ or to have it written on a sign that everyone can see. Make it known you want your wedding guests to capture both candid and non-candid moments during your wedding. Creating a wedding hashtag is a great way for you to look back and see your wedding from the perspective of your guests. If you need help creating the perfect hashtag then click here!


Camera Table Numbers or Seating Place Cards



Have your wedding guests capture your wedding with their disposable cameras which double as table numbers or seating place cards. You can create decorative covers for the disposable cameras to match your wedding theme. Place a card or sign on the table describing what you would like the guests to do with the cameras. It should say something along the lines of, “Thank you for being apart of our big day, capture our wedding from your view! Take pictures of your friends, family and new friends. Thank you for coming. Love, the bride and groom.” This is a great way to make your wedding guests the photographers of your wedding.


Wedding Photo Contest


Who doesn’t love a friendly contest? Encourage your guests to take photos of your ceremony and reception. Then have all of your wedding guests text what they think is the best photo of your wedding to you or to a responsible member of the wedding party. Choose whether you want to determine a winner during your reception or after your honeymoon. Pick some kind of award for the winner. If there is an award, more people are likely to participate in your contest and therefore the more pictures you will receive. Make sure that all of your guests are informed about the contest and that you remember the award for the winner. This is a simple way to get a ton of wedding photos without having to pay.


Take a Picture With Someone New


As two families are joining together on your wedding day encourage people to be brave and meet new people. Have each guest take a picture of themselves with someone that they have never talked to before. It is a great way for your guests to make new friends and socialize. Have each of the guests post there pictures to a wedding website or send them to you.  Another fun way to see who met who is a polaroid picture. You can write your instructions on a chalkboard or place a sign on each table. The sky is the limit with this idea.




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