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How To Word And Address Wedding Invitations

Often times there are questions regarding etiquette of wedding invitations. It is a tricky subject… But it doesn’t have to be. You’ll figure out how to word your invitations and how to address you envelopes.  You’ve come to the right place figure out your tricky dilemma! No worries!

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How To Word Your Invites

Wording invitations can be tricky. Often times we don’t know exactly how to word them and to what etiquette to use. It depends on who is hosting the event and what you personal style is. Thanks to Wedding Paper Divas  (super helpful) for creating this amazing tool to let us know what is right and proper in the wedding world, we can avoid all confusion and silliness on our part!

Be Mindful

The formality of a wedding is determined by the bride, the groom, and whomever is footing the bill. When wording your invitations, be mindful of those involved. If you, as the bride and groom are paying for the wedding but feel that you need to include both parents on the invitation, then do that.


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Etiquette VS. Preference

Etiquette is more so for those having a formal wedding; Most of the time, if the invitation is formally addressed, it’s letting the reliever know that the event is more formal. You should still use etiquette, but there is nothing saying that you can’t add your own personal style to your invites.

Even if your parents may not be paying for your wedding, they may have helped you in more than just giving you money. They may have helped with all your DIY projects and listened countless times when you just needed a shoulder to lean on.

Be mindful of etiquette for more than just working of your invitations! You must remember that you’ve invited a guest to your bridal shower, you must invite them to the wedding!

How To Address The Envelope



How to address the envelope? This is silly. Don’t we all know how to address an envelope? Well, yes, some of us may… But what about in the wedding world?

Married Couples

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe


Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe

Married Couples With Differing Last Names

Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Buck-Doe

The Unmarried Couple

Mr. John Doe and Ms. Jane Buck


Mr. John Doe

Mrs. Jane Buck


Dr. and Mrs. Doe

Drs. John and Jane Doe

Private John and Mrs. Jane Doe


Kids under 18, should be listed on their parents invitation.

Miss June Doe

Joseph Doe

For example: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe


Joesph and Miss June

For kids over 18, not living  at home, they will have a separate invitation. Once a boy reaches 18, he inherits the “Mr” in front of her name!

Miss June Doe

Mr. Joseph Doe

Deceased Parent

Mr. John Doe and the Late Mrs. Jane Doe

Mr. John Doe and Jenn Doe With The Late Mrs. Jane Doe

It is appropriate to have all parents listed if there even if they are deceased. If you don’t wish to go the traditional route, remember to add those whom have pass on as well out of respect.



What works best for you on how to word your invitations? Think it out and do it! Your families will support you with however you wish to include them. Just remember that this is the first thing that your guests will see, so make it a good introduction to your wedding! Happy planning!!

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