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Wedding Place Cards Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Place cards for your wedding guests are so much more than a piece of paper folded in half. You can still get away with these simple place cards, if you have pretty handwriting and an artistic flair. But even if you could make these traditional cards aesthetically pleasing, would you really want to use them? Wouldn’t you rather make a statement with your place cards? Get your guests talking with these unique takes on an aspect of weddings that is typically thrown under the bus.

Candied Cards

candy place cards

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The little morsels of chocolate might make it to your guests’ stomachs before they make it to their seats.

Lovely Leaves

Leave all the talking to these leaf place cards.

Surely Champagne

champagne place cards

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Kill two birds with one stone! These place cards will deliver the glasses of champagne and give guests their seating assignments in one fail swoop.

Stately Succulents

succulent place cards

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Succulents make for the perfect little potted plant for your guests to take to their seat for the wedding and to their home afterwards.

Whimsical Vase

vase place cards

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A few sprigs of small flowers in a tiny glass vase instantly elevate a simple card to elegance.

Party Animals

unique wedding place cards

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Delightfully youthful yet beautifully mature, who knew spray painted animal figures could serve as the perfect place card holder?

Seeds of Love

Gives your guests a chance to exercise their green thumbs and remember your wedding as their plants grow from seed.

Simply Sweet

Paper flowers are not only simply sweet on your eyes, but also on your wedding budget.

Rockingly Raw

rock place cards

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Collect various rocks that are as unique as your many guests.

Calmly Corked

A simple DIY project, write the name of your venue, date of your wedding, and the names of you and your spouse on a wine cork for a unique memento.

Wooden Warmth

wooden wedding place cards

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With just a saw and a tree limb, slice thin and you can make hundreds of place cards for no price at all.

Fantastic Flight

airplane wedding place cards

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Who doesn’t love paper airplanes. Give your guests pre-made ones as place cards or the supplies to make their own.

The Map That Leads to You

compass wedding place cards

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Help your guests find their way out of the figurative single jungle by using compasses as place cards.

Little Lanterns

lantern wedding place cards

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Insert real tea candles into the lantern to illuminate your wedding reception or use electronic ones so that your guests can reuse these lanterns long after your event.

Light of My Life

candle place cards

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While candles themselves will one day run out of wick or batteries, the votives will not.

Bottles Up

bottle wedding place cards

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Keep your guests hydrated in style! Use decoratively glass bottles as place cards.

Delicious Designations

edible wedding place cards

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Edible wedding decorations are always sure crowd pleasers. Place macaroons or other pretty treats in a box with a tag for each guests’ name.

Pining for You

pine cone wedding place cards

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Depending on the season of your wedding, pine cones may be just the answer you need to give your boring place cards more interest.

Light Bulb!

light bulb wedding place cards

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Do you think Thomas Edison would have ever guessed that his invention would dot wedding reception tables as place cards?

The Key to Happiness

key wedding place cards

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Vintage keys are extremely unique and beautiful, just like love and marriages.

Agape at the Agate

agate slice geode place cards

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Agate slices can be purchased in virtually any color and are the epitome of elegance.

Tiny Tiles

tiles wedding place cards

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Did you know tiles can be much more unique than the simple white ones found on your kitchen backsplash?

Jamming Jars

mason jar wedding place cards

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Give each guest a personalized cup with their name already penned on it to use for the night and for the future!

Even though they are a largely neglected aspect, you can make some pretty amazing place cards for your wedding. This neglect will actually work for your advantage. Just put forth a little effort and you can create wedding place cards like your guests have never seen before!

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