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A Wedding Planning Checklist for Every Bride!

The Infamous Wedding Planning Checklist!

In the age of DIY, it should come as no surprise that soon-to-be brides are looking to plan their own weddings. And so the wedding planning checklist was born!

A bride no longer needs to deal with wedding planners. By doing so, she says goodbye to the expense, the lack of shared vision and the professional control over such a personal affair. The section of your budget and patience previously reserved for your wedding planner becomes free!

A wedding planning checklist will be your best friend, no matter if you are planning the ultimate destination wedding in Australia, a small backyard reception, an elaborate Indian ceremony or an appropriate Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) affair. While plans for a wedding will never be quick, the template provided by a checklist will certainly make the process more easy.

But are these wedding planning checklists all they’re cracked up to be?

We’ve broken down all there is no know about these valuable tools, warning you about what to avoid and even suggesting our favorite! Before you go any further in the wedding planning process, read on!

Planning a Wedding Checklist Style

Some brides are skeptical that a wedding checklist is truly capable of replacing an actual wedding planner. The suspicions of other brides arise from an overconfidence. Many brides fall prey to the belief that because they have been dreaming about their big day their whole life, they do not need a piece of paper for assistance.

But no amount of Pinterest research can ensure that you will remember all the intricacies of planning a wedding! Even book titles such as “Wedding Planning 101,” “How to Tie the Knot” or “Planning My Wedding Was as Easy as 1, 2, 3!” cannot prepare you for the experience of a real wedding.

  • Are you more responsible when you keep a calendar, day planner or agenda?
  • Do you prefer to work in an organized environment?
  • Do you feel more confident when given detailed instructions, rather than vague ones?
  • Have you previously struggled to get everything ready when hosting a party or event?

If any of the above descriptions resonate with you, then you should consider planning a wedding with a checklist!

Benefits of Using a Checklist for Planning a Wedding

Just in case you are not quite sold about the whole wedding planning checklist idea, we’ve compiled some of the most noteworthy benefits of these tools in one handy location!

  1. More organized. 
    Right now, you may feel as though you have everything under control. But as you get 8, and then six, and then 4 months away from your big day, organization becomes key.
  2. Less stress. The simple act of checking tasks off a list is quite therapeutic. Doing so will also give you peace of mind that you are not forgetting certain tasks, no matter how major or minor.
  3. Save money. Even if you put forth a little bit of cash to buy a quality wedding planning checklist, it is a small investment that will save money in the long run. If you try to go without it and forget to book a vendor or to reserve a venue, you will likely end up spending extra money in order to have everything ready for your big day.

Do yourself a favor! Get a wedding planning checklist!

Printable Wedding Planning Checklist // Wedding Planning Checklist pdf // Wedding Planning Checklist Printable?

If you have spent any amount of time scrolling through the internet looking for a wedding planning checklist, you will inevitably run across terms such as pdf and printable.

Many sites throw these key words around in order to grab your attention. But have you ever wondered what they mean? While they seem like positive qualities, are they anything special? Just in case these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, we’ve got the answers:

pdf: A pdf, or Portable Document Format, is a file format that allows for the reliable exchange of documents (as explained by its Adobe inventor.) In other words, pdfs can be opened, viewed and printed from any device.

printable: Printable wedding planners very well might be in the pdf format. They just illuminate the printing function, which may also be achieved with a Microsoft Word document.

Overall Wedding Plan Checklist vs. Wedding Planning Checklist Timeline

Wedding planning checklists encompass a wide variety of tools. While each may aid you in their own unique way, make sure you are aware of their differences!

A more general wedding plan compiles all the responsibilities that must be attended to before your big day. This comprehensive checklist may separate the responsibilities into categories — such as venue, attire and food — or in order of important — from required to optional.

Positives: every possible wedding responsibility is compiled in one place, allowing you to wrap you mind around what needs done
Negatives: the sheer number of responsibilities can be overwhelming, and it may be difficult to figure out where to begin

A wedding planning checklist timeline divides your many responsibilities depending on the time in which you should accomplish them. Many such checklists require 6-12 months, but others may whittle your responsibilities down to a month or two. Either way, timelines organize your needs into chronological steps.

Positives: provides direction for not only what needs to get done, but when it needs to be accomplished
Negatives: every bride’s schedule and time table is unique, and therefore not every timeline checklist will apply to her wedding planning process

Free Wedding Planning Checklist: Will it get the job done?

No matter if the checklist is a pdf, printable or timeline, another descriptor that may grab your attention is FREE! But do you get what you pay for with free wedding planning checklists?

Free checklists typically contain only the fundamental level of information about the wedding planning process. While these basic tools will maintain a sense of simple organization, they will not necessarily provide you with all the necessary information. Therefore, free checklists may be a good place to start your wedding planning journey. But they are typically not the best option.

In the end, you will have to make this determination for yourself. A free download is enticing. But our recommendation is to invest in a quality, but economically priced, wedding planning checklist.

OurStart’s Pick: The Ultimate Checklist for Wedding Planning

We can’t just recommend that you purchase a wedding planning checklist and not give you a suggestion! There are thousands of downloadable and printable wedding planning checklists on the market that claim to be cheap yet complete. Our personal favorite  is one we’ve referenced before, in our Tips to Save Money.

This checklist combines the best aspects of wedding planning by organizing a comprehensive list of 32 categories into a 12 month checklist. Oh and we threw in a wedding calculator for good measure. AND we reduced the price from $19 to $7!!! Click below to invest in your very own checklist and begin the wedding planning process!

wedding planning checklist

Using a wedding planning checklist like the one linked above cannot guarantee success. But it is the closest thing to help you excel at this worthy task of planning your own wedding. From pre wedding activities (such as your bridal shower) through the actual ceremony and reception, this step by step guide will be your best friend. Forget stress, disorganization and wedding planners. Welcome wedding planning checklists, and enjoy the gay happiness of your big day!

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