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Wedding Ring Engravings that are Perfection

Personalizing your wedding ring or wedding band with an engraving is a must. This way of making your rings your own and future family heirlooms. There are both classical and creative ways to go about specializing your rings that will add an intimate touch to your bands. Here are some engravings that you can ask your jeweler about when deciding how you want to personalize your ring!

Classic Initials

A classic initial engraving never goes out of style and will forever be meaningful. This engraving can be done at almost any jeweler and will require minimal upkeep. You may even have the option of engraving it on the inside or the outside depending on where you are getting your engraving done. The classic initial graving will always be in style and always be special to you and your husband.

Fingerprint Detail

Let the love of your life forever touch your heart with this specially engraved fingerprint ring. These rings are made individually for each couple with their actual real fingerprint. This is a fun touch, pun intended, on your wedding bands that will leave a lasting impression, also pun intended, on everyone.

Special Message

Is there a special word or phrase that is meaningful to you and your husband? Whether if it’s a simple “I love you” or a movie quote like “okay? okay.” your ring will be automatically filled with memories. These engravings can be humorous, like the one below, or can be as serious as you want them to be, not matter what you decide on, it will be sure to be a win.

 Intentional Cut-Outs

These rings are extremely unique because of the intentionality of the engravings set on the ring. These rings are a symbol of how you and your husband complete each other and are each other’s halves. These rings may be hard to come by but can definitely be found if you search hard enough.

Humorous Message

If you and your hubby have great senses of humor this is the engraving for you!  This can be an inside joke or a pun that both you and your husband find funny that is short enough to fit inside of a ring. This can be a fun touch to put on your rings that display both your husbands and your awesome personality.


These are super fun because of their personal, different approach. With this ring, you can get the heartbeat of the love of your life engraved, even carved into your wedding band. This takes feeling close to your husband to a whole new level. Always feel connected to your husband near and far with this special engraved ring.

When it comes to wedding band engravings, it is important to choose one that best fits you and your husband’s personality and taste. The engravings above serve as perfect inspiration for how you guys decide to personalize your rings.

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