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20 Wedding Send Offs To End Your Big Day with a Bang

Picture this: your ceremony was romantically blissful. Your reception was the best party of the year. You and your new spouse are ready to leave your friends and embark on your honeymoon. What do you do? Slip out, wave goodbye, honk the horn? No! End your big day with a bang that reflects the other wonderful elements of your wedding. Consider the following unique wedding send off ideas to incorporate into your wedding.

1. Bubbles

Bubbles are easy and fun for kids of all ages. Best incorporated in a send-off that occurs in the daylight, bubbles will reflect the sunshine and look great in pictures.

2. Sparklers

In contrast, sparklers serve as the perfect send off tool if you and your spouse intend to hit the road after a long evening of celebrations. The matches you provide to light these sparklers can double as a wedding favor if you give a small box a personalized label.

3. Glowsticks

Glowsticks produce the same dramatic night time send off as sparklers without the fire hazard. They are also fun to incorporate into your dance party at the reception.

4. Confetti

Confetti is the quintessential celebretory vehicle. The nature of confetti allows for it to stay floating in the air for several lengthly seconds as you and your hubby kiss and the photographers go wild.

5. Wildflowers

flowers as wedding sendoff

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Small wildflowers are natural, colorful, and beautiful. They provide the perfect send off for the bohemian bride or wedding.

6. Flower Petals

While regular flowers may be a little large to toss into the air, you can give your guests flower petals for a romantic send-off.

7. Leaves

You may consider this medium if your wedding is taking place in the fall or red, orange, and yellow match your color theme or you just like the aesthetic. Leaves have been joyfully thrown into the air for years, why not at your wedding?

8. Glitter and Sequins

A mixture of glitter and sequins will encase you and all your guests in a film of magical sparkle to fully commemorate this momentous occasion.

9. Lavender

herbs as wedding send off

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Lavender is light, dainty, and pretty, making for an aromatic send off.

10. Herbs

For another fresh and fragrant option, you can use herbs of any kind and select the ones you enjoy the most.

11. Bird Seed

Turning to the eco-friendly, bird seed encompasses all the qualities of an appropriate send off tool without the clean up.

12. Oatmeal

ribbon wands as wedding sendoff

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Oatmeal is another option which the local animals will enjoy cleaning up for you.

13. Ribbon Wands

A great DIY activity, you can have fun purchasing cute ribbons and then tie them to thin sticks to make ribbon wands.

14. Paper Airplanes

To pay homage to a favorite pastime of every kid ever, you can make these planes beforehand for your guests. But even better yet, provide them with paper and directions detailing your intentions. Guests of all ages will enjoy creating the perfect paper airplane and it will give them a way to busy themselves during waiting periods.

15. Balloons

balloons as wedding send off

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Balloons provide you with endless options. You have infinite possibilities in shape, color, and texture to ensure that they match your wedding theme. An economical option would be to purchase a large pack of balloons from your local dollar store. Just be sure to fill them with helium if you want them to romantically float away as you and your love depart.

16. Paper Lanterns

For another romantic option that reaches to the heavens, try paper lanterns. Your guests can write their names, their hopes, their dreams, and more on these lanterns before releasing them into the air. Even after you leave, your guests can stare up into the dark sky as the lights slowly fade from view.

17. Sprinkles

You can opt for rainbow sprinkles or ones of a specific color that complements your color scheme. Remember to open your mouth as you run through the downpour of sprinkles.

beach ball wedding sendoff

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18. Mini Beach Balls

Give your guests deflated beach balls and prompt them to only blow them up when the time for your send off comes.

19. Pom Poms

Keep theses small colorful balls small in order to prevent injuries, but your color options are endless. Even if your guests decide to pelt you rather than playfully tossing them in the air, no one will get hurt.

20. Cheer Pom Poms

As opposed to the small, colorful balls discussed above, the cheer variety is the typical squad’s equipment of choice that your guests can use to cheer you on toward marriage.


Once you decide what medium you want to be the means of your send off, you must decide how and when. Some of the above options are self-explanatory and can be provided directly. Others you can place in paper cones, push pops, or other disposable containers. These you can place at guests’ seats either at the ceremony or reception. No matter which material you choose, how you use it, or when you give it to your guests, adopting any of these 22 wedding send off ideas will ensure that your wedding will end in a bang!


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