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You Won’t Believe How Much Money People Spend On A Wedding

Admit it. Our society is obsessed with weddings. As time progresses, these meaningful events become simultaneously more elaborate, more unique, and more expensive. A modern bride no longer solely strives to make her wedding the best day of her and her spouse’s life, but the most memorable event of their guests’ lives (or at least their year).

And no matter how frugal the bride, any wedding that verges on the traditional will require quite a chunk of cash. From renting a venue to buying a dress to providing the food, the seemingly endless number of wedding expenses quickly add up. Regardless of where you are in the wedding planning process, familiarizing yourself with average wedding costs is always a wise choice. Such statistics will help you to come to terms with how much your day will cost. Sadly, it’s time to remove your rose-colored glasses and face reality.

Average Total Cost of Wedding: $26,000

As with any statistic based off of a wide range of individuals, this number is slightly skewed by those who go all out for their big day. Think celebrities, millionaires, and spoiled rich kids — they are partially to blame for this number. On average, Americans spend between $19,000 to $33,000 for their weddings. But most couples get that number down below $10,000.

average wedding cost

Average Cost of Attire: $1,600

Even with the assumption that the bridesmaids and groomsmen are purchasing their own attire, the bride’s dress and groom’s suit still add up. While your man may opt to rent his tuxedo in order to lower costs, the price tag on your dream dress is more than capable of eating up your budget. Oh and let’s not forget about the shoes, jewelry, and other accessories that will perfectly complement your wedding day look.

Average Cost of Rings: $5,400

Wedding rings are a lifelong keepsake and symbol of your love and commitment. A piece so significant cannot come cheap! While wedding and engagement rings are worth the investment, you should prepare yourself by becoming aware with how much you will have to dish out before you head to the jewelry store.

Average Cost of Decorations: $1,200

Wedding decorations are the DIY queen’s dream. Pinterest is flooded with tutorials of how to make your own centerpieces, seating charts, signs, and more. provides assistance to make extremely beautiful yet financially conscious decorations. Even with all these resources, the average cost still manages to be sky-high!

Average Cost of Invitations: $750

Ouch. Apparently paper is expensive. If you consider the actual invitations, response cards, envelopes, and save the dates, this number sounds about right.

Average Cost of Photography: $2,600

Depending on your package, you can expect to spend anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 for your photographers and videographers. That cost may be enough to make you reconsider how you capture your big day. Perhaps you’ll opt for compiling the social media posts of your guests under your wedding hashtag. Or you could strap a Go-Pro on your officiant. Maybe you even have a cousin, friend, or sibling who dabbles in photography.

Average Cost of Venue: $4,000

The cost of your venue will completely depend on where you choose to set your ceremony and reception. Event centers, restaurants, and banquet halls will usually be in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. Historic buildings, breweries, and hotels will move up to the $4,000 to $5,000 echelon. Barns, parks, and gardens top the list at $6,000 and above. Don’t forget about the backyard wedding, that totally throws off any average.

Average Cost of Food: $1,800

The amount of money you spend on food for your wedding will largely depend on one decision: whether you have a served meal or buffet line. The actual food you then select to serve your guests will further determine your cuisine expense.

Do not let these wedding statistics discourage you! One of the benefits of modern weddings is that expectation goes out the window. You have the freedom to make your wedding whatever you want it to be, and whatever cost you can afford. Be realistic about how much certain aspects of your big day will cost and eliminate ones that are unnecessary. Better to be shocked now with this article than later with your bill!

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