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Wedding Takeover: Beware Of Those Lurking To Takeover Your Big Day!

So how is the wedding planning going? What are your colors? When is the wedding? Have you chosen a venue? You’ll hear these questions a lot when you plan a wedding. More than likely you will get sick of hearing these questions… But more annoying than the questions? The people that try to take over your big day because they think that they can do it better. Who are these people and how will you deal with them?

The Crazy Mother-in-law

The mother-in-law will be crazy. No matter how she acts before the planning starts, just prepare yourselves for crazy to come out sooner or later. Just realize that this is her son, she is excited to have a daughter and help with the wedding planning and get to know her daughter-in-law!

Fix it: Keep her updated. More than likely she just wants to know what is going on with the big day. Tell her all the little details and let her know where you are with some of the planning!

The Over-bearing Mom

The over-bearing mom… Her daughter is getting married! She cannot calm down. Her mind is going a mile a minute. She is just so excited to finally get a chance to plan the wedding of her… er, your dreams!

Fix it: Let mom know that you are happy that she is there helping you along the way, but in the nicest way that you know how, let her know that this is your wedding. Let her know that you value her opinion but it is ultimately your decision.

The “Ugh” Bridesmaid

“Ugh, do I really have to do that?” or “Ugh, do I really have to wear that?”… How rude! You’re bound to have one of those in your party. She will not agree on anything that you have to say. But really, she is honored to be there, she just doesn’t know how to express it.

Fix it: Nip this in the bud. As soon as you notice the “Ugh bridesmaid syndrome”, just take care of it… No, that wasn’t a threat. Be sure to take care of it by pulling her aside and asking if there is a problem. Try to help solve the problem for smooth sailing from here on out. Also, let her politely know, that this is your big day and you would really like to share the experience with her!

The Know It All Friend

You know the one… The single friend that isn’t even close to marriage but her Pinterest board says otherwise? Yeah… That friend. She will try to tell you how to run the show because she knows how to plan a wedding… Because of Pinterest.

Fix it: Be sympathetic of your friend. She may think that she is being helpful with her tips. Unless she isn’t being helpful and she is trying to change things, leave her go. But incase she isn’t being helpful and she is indeed trying to be hurtful, try to re-direct the conversation elsewhere.

The “Recently-Married” Cousin

She has been around the block when it comes to marriage so she know what she is talking about. You must listen to her when she is being ever so insistent on allowing you to use her centerpieces and other decor.

Fix it: If she is forcing you to take her stuff, go for it, maybe you can repurpose it into something that will make for a great DIY project. This can be a time and money saver, take their advice with a grain of salt. You never know, it may actually work out for the best!


Breath. Just breath. You’ve got this. You know you can handle the questions that will come your way and now you can handle the people that will try to “help”, the ones that will try to take over (and fail because you know how to handle them), and those that give you “advice”. Take those people that are trying to takeover with a grain of salt, nip it in the bud, and carry on with your wedding planning! Happy planning!

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