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The Most Popular Wedding Themes For 2017-2018!


Want to pick the top trend for your 2017 or 2018 wedding? Well, you’re in luck! These are the hottest trends for any and all weddings!


Do you love the great outdoors? Would you want to include plenty of greenery and wood on your special day? Then a forest theme might be for you!


2. Boho

Is your wardrobe filled with Bohemian clothes and your house filled with plenty of earthy and natural decorations? Then a Boho wedding theme is perfect for you!

3. Vintage

Who doesn’t love something borrowed, right? If you love classic and meaningful decorations that never go out of style, then the vintage wedding theme will make your big day complete!

4. Neutral

Are you a bride who appreciates everything that is simple and elegant? Do you love neutral colors? Then a try having a neutral themed wedding!

5. Rustic

Do you love all things that are outdoorsy and chic? Would you love to have your wedding outdoors or in a barn? Then a rustic themed wedding might be just what you need!

6. Water Color

Do you love everything that is full of color and artsy? Then try out this fun watercolor themed wedding!

7. Garden

Do you wish that your big day could take your guests to an enchanted garden? You’re in luck with this garden theme!

8. Greenery

Do you love any and all things green? Then you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven with these pictures of greenery weddings!

We hope that you have enjoyed exploring these popular wedding themes as much as we have! Let us know what your favorite theme is in the comments below! For more wedding theme ideas check out this post!


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