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Wedding Vendor Mishaps: The Dos and The Don’ts!

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. But what is nice about wedding planning, is that there are people to help you. We do our research and enlist wedding vendors that work the best for us and our tasks at hand. Sometimes those vendors don’t work out for the better. We have given you tips and etiquette for wedding vendors, but how do we deal with those vendors that were unsatisfactory to you for your big day?

Be Sure That You Do The Leg Work

Be sure that you put in the leg work. Figure out what you want from each of your vendors. Write up a plan for each. Give them a copy and keep a copy for yourself. Be sure that if anything changes you send them a revised copy with the date that you revised it, double check that they get your written plan. This plan lets your vendors know what your expectations are of them. This leaves less room for miscommunication.

Deep Breaths

Take deep breaths and take a step back from the situation. If you are not satisfied with how your business is being handled, think of a solution for the problem. Don’t make it a bigger problem. Getting angry will get you nowhere so be sure that you are cool, calm and collected.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Jot your thoughts about the situation down. Be sure that your thoughts are cohesive and neutral in attitude. You can use this as a script and you surely won’t forget anything when you have it written out in front of you. This is a good way to ensure that you will not forget or leave anything out all the while keeping you rational.

Make Sure That You Read Their Contract

Once you sign on with a vendor, you will more than likely have to sign a contract that states are their terms and conditions. This contract can have information of payment (how and when it is due), reviews (if you are able to review them on their website or not), or even how or when they operate (business hours or how many people will be there to perform the services that they offer). Be sure to read through their contract before signing. There may be conditions that won’t work for you. For example, if your wedding is on a Sunday and their business doesn’t operate on a Sunday, they may not be the vendor for you.

Contact The Vendor

Now that you have calmed down about the situation and gathered your thoughts on paper, do something about the issue at hand. Contact your vendor and ask to personally speak with someone with authority. This cuts out the middle man and gets you the answers that you need to get as well as a solution to the problem. You may ask for a refund at anytime, as it is your right as the consumer.


If you don’t find a solution with the vendor themselves and they are members of the Better Business Bureau or better known as the BBB, contact them have them as your impartial third party to help you get the situation solved.

Legal Action

Legal action is not often necessary, but it is an option. If they vendor just isn’t cooperating, if they aren’t members of the BBB, or the BBB wasn’t able to help, you may consult with a lawyer to seek restitution. This route comes with a price, but may be the best option if their contract has stipulations that protect them wrongfully. Think before you choose this option as it may not actually be necessary. Think of this as a last resort!


Don’t jump the gun right away. Think about what is going on with the situation and take the appropriate action. Keep yourself cool, calm, and collected. Don’t be that person that make a mountain out of a molehill. Maybe all that was needed was more communication on both ends. You, as the customer, have every right get what you paid for, and it doesn’t mean that you have to fight dirty for it. Hopefully you don’t need these tips, but if you do, here they are to help you! Happy planning!



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