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Looking for “Wedding Venues Near Me”? Stop What You’re Doing and Read This!

The search is on… The search for a wedding venue, that is… You’ve already done the search for the groom. You’ve may have searched far and wide or maybe you didn’t have to search at all. Lucky you and congratulations to you both! This is an exciting, stressful, and fun time for you both! Don’t just think that you are going to find the right and perfect wedding venue by searching the internet… More than likely, you will have to go out and actually view the venues, but when you do, make sure that you take this guide with you and take it seriously. We could be saving you… Not just time, but money too!

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What Type Of Venue Are You Looking For

So the questions is, what type of venue do you want? This is the main, absolutely, number one thing you want to consider other than budget. This will set the set the scene of what kind of wedding you will want. So think carefully!

Outdoor Wedding Venue

An outdoor wedding venue means that you either with to have some of your event, if not all, outside. Keep in mind with outdoor wedding venues you have to keep the weather in mind too. For those days where it is going to be crazy hot, make sure that you consider on how to keep your guests cool. On days where weather could affect the day, be sure that you are prepared for this.

Banquet Halls

A banquet hall or reception hall is the a place designated to parties, wedding receptions, and other social events. These rentals can be anything from a rental at a fire hall, a hotel, or a county park that has a nice enclosed pavilion. Basically this type of venue is a place that a mass event room rental that can serve any of your needs that you may have.

Indoor Wedding Venue

You’re probably thinking, “What is the difference from an indoor wedding venue compared to a banquet hall?”… Well there is one big difference. A banquet hall serves the purpose of serving special functions where as an indoor wedding venue may just be a venue that doesn’t necessarily serve the purpose of mass events such as weddings and receptions. These venues may include a barn, museums, or galleries.

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Small Wedding Venues

Believe it or not, there are wedding venues that only accept a certain number of guests and will not accept anymore than that. When you are searching for venues, make sure that you know how many guests are attending. You don’t want to find out that you absolutely love a venue, fall in love with it, and then realize that there is absolutely no way that you can fit your two hundred guests in that 60 person max venue.

Large Wedding Venues

Just like a small wedding venue, a large wedding venue may have a limit as well. If you go to a large wedding venue and only have 150 guests and the minimum limit is 200, you won’t be able to use that venue. Just be aware that they may not accept smaller parties than they are built for.

Cheap Vs. Affordable

Cheap wedding venues versus affordable wedding venues… What can I even say about this… If I were the bride picking out my venue, I would never use the word cheap. Cheap means made with cheap materials, quickly, and more than likely could have been made better.

Affordable is paying for only what you need, in a price range that is acceptable to the maker and the buyer. Keep in mind when you’re looking for venues, you don’t want say you want a “cheap venue” and be disappointed when you get what you asked for! Simple, but fixable mistake!

Cost Effective Wedding Venues

Free wedding venues are great… But how can you find them? These are the outside-the-box venues. Think about these venues as having your cake and eating it too! If  you are on a budget, this venue will float your boat just fine. Search for these venues close to home… And when I say close to home, I literally mean… home or a family or friends’ home. Do you grandparent’s have a beautiful “retired” farm? Does your best friend have a beautiful piece of land that has a gorgeous backdrop? Take advantage of that!

 Popular Venue Choices

Popular venue choices seem to be rustic barn venues, modern warehouses, art galleries, open concept studios, and gorgeous outdoor wedding venues. This has come a long way from the traditional church wedding. But this seems to be the new trend! Will you go with the latest inspiration for your wedding reception or will you stick to tradition? There are lots of factors to consider.

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How is The Price Determined?

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With a wedding venue ideas comes wedding venue price. This is what you will spend on your ceremony and reception. Be sure that you keep in mind that this won’t be the total price of your wedding but this will cover a big portion of the price of your wedding.


A high price for wedding ceremony and reception venues would be everything included… And all inclusive venue would include everything from food to decor, music and photography… Yes, these venues do exist, but you will tend to pay more for them just because they are basically doing the majority of the work. This will be less hands on for the bride and the groom. There may even be wedding planners or event planner included with this price to help you with anything that you may need, to do the little projects, and to call and coordinate with everyone involved.

Average Price: $13,500 to $30,000 or $150 per person on average.


Medium priced venues would include things like the catering and maybe a list vendors that they have used before for you to choose from. These venues will be less of a hands on venue. You’ll more than likely have to put in some work with finding the remainder of the vendors (such as food, music, photography) and decor (for the ceremony and reception) that you will need to complete your venue.

Average Price: $5,100 to $13,400 or $75 per person on average.


With this cost, you’re just paying for the venue. The price can be based on donation (usually churches) or a set price but just know that you are on your own. The venue will be there to answer questions about their venue and maybe give some advice about what was done before, scenarios, or price packages, but more than likely there won’t be physical help with what you may need. If they allow you to use their tables, chairs, or linen, then they may be there to figure out what you need, where you need it, and how it will be set up, but that is about the extent of help that you will get.

Average Price: $0 to $5,000 or $25 per person on average.

Questions To Ask Your Venue

What is Included?

When on the hunt for a venue for wedding reception, you must ask certain things to help with the deciding. Asking the prospective venue what is included in their packages is the big question. You need to know specifically what is included and for what price to get a good idea of what you still need. Ask to see all of their packages that they have and ask if they are build-able or customizable. 

Are There Any Extra Costs?

Asking if there are extra prices for amenities in the venue is a valid question. This goes along with what is included, if the items that are included with the package have an extra charge, they aren’t really included in the package then! So be sure to be clear on the total price, the total cost, and what is included in each package.  

What is Not Included?

Finding out what is not included is equally important as what is included. If your venue does not have tables and chairs for you to use at your event, then more than likely you will need to find out where to get them. Also remember, if an item or items aren’t included in your venue, then ask that specific venue who they normally work with for events like this. They may have a list that they can recommend to you to use for anything that they don’t offer.

Are “Outside” Vendors Accepted?

This is a real thing. Some venues don’t accept “outside” vendors. Meaning, they only use vendors that are “accepted” by them. More than likely they have a list of vendors that they work with for each catering, music, and photography/videography. Some venues may have a lenient rule with this, they may require that you work with their specified caterers and DJ’s while can bring your own photographer while others will only accept their own off of their list.

What Are Your Rules?

Rules? There are rules when it comes to venues? What kinda rules? When I was searching for a venue for my wedding, I went and looked at this gorgeous venue that was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. Except… If you wanted to have an open bar, you had to bring your own bar tender with all the licensing, someone who would card each guest each time, or stamp their hand at the door after being carded. They also had a drink limit that they would make the bartender sign. So the open bar was a limit of 4-5 drinks (at the discretion of the bar tender) and a whole fiasco of actually having an open bar.

So just make sure that you ask if they have any rules that would interfere with your plans. Be sure that you have a tentative plan that you want to go with when looking at venues so that you can ask about the “rules clause”.

Question To Ask Yourself


Know your budget. Be sure that before you go into this, you know what you have budgeted out for not only the venue, but for food, decor, music, hair, makeup, photography, and attire. The whole nine yards. Knowing what you can spend before you search for wedding halls near me, is key to starting off on the right foot.

You Have To Do What?

How much do you want to do for your big day? Do you want to be elbows deep in glitter making the decor and addressing all the envelopes for your invites? Or do you want a hands-off approach to this wedding? Do you want to sit back and relax? Be blissful and relaxed through the whole process or make memories? Be sure that you know what you want for the your big day too. 

What’s Your Type?

Small? Large? Indoor? Outdoor? A banquet hall? A barn? A church? What appeals to you and your fiancé the most? Are you the type that wants to have a the best of both worlds and have the ceremony outside and the reception inside? Vice versa? Find the best venue that fits your type.

Top Wedding Budget Tips

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Looking for tips to budget your wedding and the venue? Low budget wedding venues are a thing and they are possible. Think outside the box and be sure that you are looking for wedding and reception venues you use these tips to get the most bang for your buck!

All In One Place

Consider having your wedding ceremony and reception all in one place. Many venues offer packages that will allow you discounts that will apply when you have both your ceremony and reception at one location. Another pro of this, you or your guests don’t have to go anywhere after the ceremony!

Family and Friends

Ask your friends and family if they “know a guy” for certain things. For example, if your grandparents’ have a beautiful “retired” barn and land with the a landscape that looks as though it is out of a movie, as if you can “rent” it for the day. There is no harm in asking!

Check Your Guest List

As I said before, if you’ve found a venue that is just the perfect venue but you either can’t afford it because of your guest list being too large or your guest list just doesn’t fit in the venue, think about shaving some people off. The first to go are the kids, young children that may not be “in to” the whole wedding scene. Next would be the guests that aren’t “in the know”. My thought is, if they don’t have a clue what is going on with your relationship without being updated thoroughly, they can be cut.

DIY Isn’t Always The Best

DIY definitely makes any event more personal, but that does not mean that it is the best route to take when trying to save money. Ask your venue if they have suggestions on how to decorate their venue. Asking someone who knows the venue like the back of their hand may have suggestions that you didn’t even think of.

Shop Around

Know that there will always be another venue, a better venue, or a better suited venue for your event than the one that you have found. Shop around. Ask about price matching for similar venues. Compare, not only prices, but amenities too, compare what each venue offers.


Searching reception locations can be tricky. It can be tiring, but there are a lot of factors that go into finding a wedding venue. You don’t just go with the first one you see knowing that there are plenty out there to look at. When you type in wedding venues near me or wedding venue ideas into the search bar, you will search around until you find the perfect one. The first one may not even have anything to do with your wedding or your ideas. For example, you would not type in Wedding venues in PA or any other places, if you aren’t getting married in PA. Maybe you’ll search Inexpensive wedding venues and find exactly what you’re looking for. Think about everything that you want from your venue and go for it. Happy planning!

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