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Wedding Workout Tips For Beginners to Get Ready For Their Big Day!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! This is such an exciting time in your life. You will be making plans, breaking plans, and running in circles. Stress will creep into your life in the worst way and you will more than likely want to work off those few extra stress pounds before your big day… So how will you achieve that!

Change Your Diet

Cut out all processed foods and all drinks that aren’t clear (I.e. Sodas, teas, juices, etc.) This isn’t fun and it won’t be fun until your body gets used to the shock of not having it’s everyday caffeinated beverage at lunch time. But trust me. You will feel a million times better once you get over the hump! (Since I wanted my smile to stay its brightest along with looking good on my big day, giving up coffee was probably the hardest for me!)

Set A Time Line and Goals

How long do you have before your big day? You’ve got a million things to do and you will more than likely miss a couple of workouts, that is ok, but don’t give up! Stick with it!

Set goals! Do you wish to lose a certain amount before your big day? Do you just wish to tone? Figure out what your goals are so you can work toward them.

Form a Routine

It is said that you must work out at least five days a week to see results. This mean dedication. Figure out a routine that will work for you. summed it up pretty well for all the beginners; They even give you a 4 to 12 week outline to help you stay on track!

If you are looking to get tone and get a workout at the same time, check out for not only fitness help, but dieting and nutritional help as well.

If you would rather workout in a gym setting, that is ok too! Contact your local gym for more information on their classes and pricing. Ultimately, your work out will be what works best for you. There are hundreds of exercises for each part of the body, search the web and figure out which ones would work best for you!


Document your measurements from when you first start out your workout journey. Be sure you are accurate in the measurements! This will make it all the sweeter when you measure again after you have been working out for a month!

You can even document through photos. This can really be inspiring, especially when you reach your goal and see how far you have come! No accomplishment is too small!

Work On Your Cardio

To work on your cardio, you must first know what your target heart rate should be. To find your target heart rate, use this simple formula provided by the

(220 (the average heart rate) – (your age)) x 0.7(the exercise intensity) = THR (Target Heart Rate)

For example: 220-24= 196 —–> 196 x 0.7= 137. 137 will be the target heart rate of a 24 year old working out moderately.

The more you workout, the harder it will be to get your heart rate up, so don’t be discouraged!

Mix It UP!

Don’t do the same old all the time. Be sure to mix up your workouts! If you normally workout at home, try working out at the gym or entering a class that you wouldn’t normally take. Do this once a month; You may surprise yourself with how much you like working out in a group setting and if you like them, keep those classes going!

By mixing up your routine, this also surprises your body and may work in your favor if you have plateaued.


Find a routine that works for you and your body. Each person is different in what works for them and how they respond. What works for you, may not work for another. Get in the groove and make your routine personal to you and your body and the areas that you need to target. Your workout may not be easy, but it will be worth it when your dress fits like a glove and you’ve got all eyes on you! Happy planning, fit bride!

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