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These Weddings Under Trees Will Make You Go Green

Weddings that take place outside may have there downfalls, like the probability that it will rain on your wedding day, but it also has its ups, like the fact you are outside in nature, under trees, getting married. Trees are a beautiful bonus for anyone tying the knot outside because of their vibrant color and natural feel. Here are some gorgeous weddings that took place under trees that will make you want to go green!

Trees and Jars

This couple had the absolutely brilliant idea of placing hanging jars with tea lights in them on the tree they were getting married under. The jar lights created a magical effect that lit up the night as they said their vows under a beautiful tree. This dreamy ceremony captures the essence of getting married in nature.

Forest Ceremony

This magical ceremony that was held under a canopy in the middle of the forrest is enough to change your mind about outdoor weddings. By showcasing the beauty of nature, the bride and groom were able to make their big day memorable and worthy of being on the cover of a magazine.

Tree Trinkets

There are plenty of things to put in your wedding tree that will look stunning on your wedding day. Like the couple above, the mixture of lights and trinkets in the tree and background creates a fun atmosphere for the wedding to take place in. Implement this hip idea on your wedding day to add a creative touch to your natural ceremony.

Heart of the Woods

A breath-taking wedding venue in the heart of the woods is the goal all nature lovers. Surrounded by tall redwoods and loved ones, this couple said “I do” in style. Saying their vows in an enormous forrest created a romantic atmosphere for the enormity of their vows. This wedding is truly goals.

Tree of Life

This couple’s elopement in New Orleans under the “Tree of Life” is a truly special and romantic wedding. Surrounded by their family and gorgeous trees, this couple was able to say their vows in a truly spectacular place. This century-old tree served as a gorgeous background for their wedding ceremony.

Light Up The Night

An illuminated tree is sure to light up the night, and did, at this couple’s wedding. With an enormous tree lit up with fairy lights behind them, their wedding ceremony was the highlight of everyone’s day. You will want to leave those Christmas lights up on that one big oak tree now for your future wedding.

Rockin’ Around the Tree

Center your dance floor around a big tree to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. They will feel one with nature as they electric slide, cupid shuffle, and cotton-eye-joe around the dance floor.  Hanging lanterns and other sources of light will give it a dreamy feel that will keep everyone energized as they dance the night away.

Under a Willow

A romantic, Southern wedding under a willow tree is a must if you have access to one. The light from the sun streams beautifully through the branches of the willow during the day and gives an airy atmosphere. The soft colors of the tree will compliment your dress and contrast well with the groom’s suit giving a perfect photograph to look back on.

These weddings under trees are more than enough to inspire you to have an outdoor wedding under a glorious tree. After reading this article you may even go out and start your search for “the one”. Having your wedding out in nature  where the sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze is a beautiful sentiment that all couples strive for and inspires them to go green with their wedding ceremony.

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