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Wewdigi Baby Monitor Wireless Video with Digital Camera Product Review

The Wewdigi Baby Monitor Wireless Video with Digital Camera – 24-Hours Standby, Night Vision has two-way audio talk with real-time monitoring of your baby.  This monitor lets you know when your baby is crying.  A remote lullaby control function makes it easy for you to select a beautiful lullaby that may help to put your baby to sleep.  

The 2.4 inch large screen with 2.4 inch LCD color display makes it convenient for parents to see their baby anytime.  There is no need to connect your phone or device.  Just plug in and press play.  Everything operates on a parent unit.

Another feature of this monitor is the temperature monitoring.  It helps you to know your baby’s room temperature all day long without worries.

Infrared night vision helps you to see your baby in darkness and keep an eye on him at all times.  Up to 24 hours of battery life when fully chared in VOX mode or 3-5 hours of battery life in fully charged mode will run your monitor.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Features
  • Easy To Set Up 

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The size of this monitor is 6.9 ounces with dimensions of 6.9 x 2.8 x 5.5 inches. 


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Pieace of mind means so much. 

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Ease of Set Up

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When something is hard to set up, people really get frustrated quickly.  But that is not the case for the Wewdigi Baby Monitor Wireless Video with Digital Camera. 

My Conclusion 

The Wewdigi Baby Monitor Wireless Video with Digital Camera – 24-Hours Standby, Night Vision was well liked by many. I can’t see where you could go wrong on this purchase. I hope my review helps you as you look towards purchasing the perfect baby monitor for your child.

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