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What Are The Registry Necessities, You Ask?

What You Need to Register For Before Your Special Day

Wedding registry is definitely a fun thing that engaged couples get to do together before their big day. Besides, using a registry gun is so much fun! Seriously you have no idea until you use one!

So, after talking to your fiance, you have figured out where you guys are going to register your gift list. But now the big question is, what do I register for? Are there specific items I need to have? Are there specific items that I don’t need (like that microwave bacon cooker hanger rack? Oh yes, that is most definitely a thing.)?

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Well, have no fear! We have a bit of knowledge of concerning these wedding dilemmas, and we can most certainly help you when it comes to choosing what is important and what is not as important with gift registry. Below are some tips, items, advice, and guidelines when it comes to what you need for your wedding gift registry.

Let’s get down to business.

Let’s start with the basics. Before we get to some fun extra stuff, like our favorite board games or maybe those power tools your fiance wanted to do extra housework with, we need to have a solid foundation of other items that are necessities.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances can be just about anything electronic that is fully functional in the kitchen. Whether it be an egg cooker or your typical Ninja food processor. Nevertheless, here are some items you will want to be sure to include!

• Crockpot

• Food processor or blender (determine size and shape by how often you will use it)

• Coffee Maker

• Toaster

• Microwave

• Hand Mixer

• Stand Mixer

• Griddle



You can never have too many cookie sheets or frying pans. Many times, new wives can run low on small, daily things like these that they do not think about owning. Or maybe you are following a recipe and realize that you never even registered for a 9×9 pan. So on that note, be sure to include these items on your registry list.

• Skillets

• Saucepans

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• Casserole dish

• Baking Sheets

• Mixing Bowl Set

• Cake pan

• Cooling rack

• Rolling pin

• Muffin tins

• Roasting pan

• Broiler pan


Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Even more so with kitchen utensils, there are so many little things that brides forget to add to their list of needs until the time comes when they need it! So look into adding these to your list of registry needs!

• Measuring spoons

• Measuring cups

• Wood cutting board

• Chef’s knives

• Can opener

• Cheese grater

• Kitchen shears

• Tongs (it is better to have tongs that are heat resistant, but it is not a requirement)

• Whisks

• Ice cream scoops

• Spatulas

• Meat thermometer

• Colander

• Ladles

• Pizza cutter

• Wooden spoons

• Oven Mitts or Pot Holders

• Apron

• Kitchen timer

• Trash can

• Basting brush

• Salt grinder and Pepper mill set



Now that you have gotten through the bulk of the kitchen things, you can now come to more of the fun stuff! Figuring out what dinnerware items you want to serve your guests with can be fun! But make sure incorporate these items in your registry shopping.

• Chip and dip dish

• Small flat serving platter & a large flat serving platter (3-4 of each)

• Small and large serving bowl (3-4 of each)

• Salad bowl

• Serving spoon and serving fork

• Salad tongs

• Glass serving pitcher

• Butter dish

• Ice bucket

• Coasters


For guests dining:

• Dinner plates (10-12)

• Bowls (10-12)

• Salad or smaller plates (10-12)

• Silverware settings (10-12)


For guests drinking:

• Regular drinking glasses (10-12)

• Mugs (8-10)

• Red wine, White wine, and Champagne glasses (8-10 of each)


Bath Items

It is time to start color coordinating! As we enter into the world of bedding and bathroom decor, keep in mind colors that you want in all of your things, and decide from there what style to purchase with each item!

• Hand towels (4-8)

• Bath towels (4-8)

• Washcloths (4-8)

• Bath Mat

• Shower curtain

• Scale


Bedding Items

Now you can get the plus comforter that you have always wanted without your mom breathing down your neck about it (or maybe I am the only one who has wanted this). But in all seriousness, keep in mind that these amounts below do not include things for a guest room this time around, so if you plan on having things for a guest room, you might need to do some extra addition.

• Fitted sheet

• Flat sheet

• Regular pillow cases (2, one for you and your honey)

• Pillows

• Duvet cover

• Down comforter

• Quilt or blanket

• Bed skirt



You can’t have a complete new home without a small bit of decor, am I right? Here are some decoration necessities you will not want to forget!

• Table lamp

• Sofa

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• Dining room table and chairs

• Wall mirror

• Wall clock

• Pillows and extra blankets

• Vases

• Extra picture frames


Once you take a breather and get through this long list, that is when you can add your “wants”! A new television, Apples to Apples, suitcases, a new grill, a humidifier, or even a new tablesaw are all “extras” that you and your sweetheart can add to your list!

We know it can get overwhelming when looking at a list like this, but take your time when you are in the store choosing out everything! Enjoy your time together before the business of the wedding season kicks in. And on the plus side, you get to play with a cool electric registry gun.

So that’s great.


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