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The 8 Steps You Need To Take The First Month Of Wedding Planning

The best weddings are planned, not imagined.

Planning for a wedding can be an intimidating task. There are so many things that need to go right to pull off that big day you’ve always dreamed of.  Here are some ideas of what you should try to accomplish that first month of wedding planning.

Set the Date

This is a biggie.  Don’t over think it, and get that date set. Everything from here on in will hinge on the date. Consider if the closest people to you are available on the date you pick, like your maid of honor and your spouse’s best man.  Will this be a good time of year for your families? Make sure they can make it, and also that you will have the weather you are hoping for if it is to be an outdoor wedding.

Book The Venue

It’s going to be helpful to book the venue and key players for your wedding as soon as possible.  The sooner you get them scheduled in, the better chances you will have to get your first choice of the main components to your wedding. Book your wedding site whether it be a church or outdoor park setting.  Some venues can be booked for years in advance, so if there is somewhere you want to get married, make sure that it’s available.

Start A Wedding Website

Some people like to create a wedding website. If you’d like to start a website, now is a good time. You don’t have to include many details yet. Possibly a photo of the proposal along with the date set for your wedding. You can also write something like “More info to come soon.” Just getting it set up will be one task completed.  You could also consider having a separate Facebook events page for your wedding.

Take Engagement Photos

Try to book a photographer and get your engagement photos taken. If you’d like, get it in the newspaper. Post them on social media.  Your friends and family are going to want to know and congratulate you.

Fill Out Gift Registries 

You may not want to do this the first month, but it also doesn’t hurt and it’s one of the more fun tasks.  Who doesn’t like filling out a wish list?  Make sure to include both low and high end items. Higher dollar items give people a chance to go in on a gift together, so make sure to have both ends of the price spectrum available to your guests.

Say Yes To The Dress

While some people may wait to complete this task, some are going to want to get started on this right away because it’s such a fun task.  Don’t feel like you have to decide on your dress the first month of wedding planning.  Make sure you give yourself lots of time to decide and see what’s out there.  If you have a fitness goal to accomplish first, then wait until you are the size you want to be to go dress shopping.  It’s just important that you look and feel your best on your big day.

Start To Plan Your Honeymoon

The sooner you plan for your honeymoon, the better chance you have to get the best rate.  Also, you don’t want your first choices to be already booked up.  Even if you don’t book it this month, you and your fiance need to be on the same page of what you would like your honeymoon to look like and how much money you can spend.

Pick Your Wedding Party

You want to make sure you give plenty of time for your bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, ring bearer, and flower girl to mark the dates on their calendars. Plus, how exciting is it to ask people to be apart of your big day! For cute ways to ask your bridesmaids, we have tips for you here. 

These are just some ideas for your first month of wedding planning.  You can subtract or add to this list based on your wedding needs.  It might also be an excellent idea to get a planner that is solely dedicated to wedding planning.

For our ultimate wedding checklist, check out our article here. 


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