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What’s the Big Deal With Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue?

Creative and Practical Ways to Add Some Tradition to Your Wedding Ensemble

Any living and breathing female that resides on planet earth has heard this famous phrase at some point in their life: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

Forget the “silver sixpence in her shoe” because quite frankly, what is a sixpence and why do we want it in our shoe? But for the “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” part of the quote, this is something that has many brides scurrying around last minute on their wedding day.

Known as the “four somethings” that supposedly give brides luck on their wedding day, these four components are not necessary to have a successful wedding (duh!). But they are a great photo op and a fun option to have a little extra special something  on the big day. So we have provided some fun ideas for incorporating the four somethings in YOUR big day.

Something old please!

1. Old Jewelry

Whether it be a timeless piece passed down through generations or an old piece of jewelry that you own, jewelry is the way to go when finding something old and classic.

2. Veil or Dress

While an old dress that is somewhat acceptable in today’s society is hard to find, that does not mean that it is at all impossible! You can alter your mother or grandmother’s old dress to make it a bit more fashionable. Or you could take portions of her old dress (you probably should get their permission first. Just saying.) and incorporate it in your dress!

Another idea is to use a veil that was worn by a family member, whether it be your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, etc., and simply borrow it!

3. Simplicity

While these ideas are great, it could honestly be something as simple as a bobby pin your mom owns or your old lucky earrings. It is okay to be simple and not over the top!

Bring on something new!

1. Your dress, of course!

If you are on a strict budget and do not have much leeway for this whole four somethings idea, remember, your wedding dress is new! It could also be your veil or shoes as well!

2. Lipstick

What is more fun than adding a bit of flavor to your whole wedding getup? Buying your favorite shade of lipstick, or even a different shade of bright red or light pink, is a simple option that gives your lips just the snazz they need!

3. Groom gift

If your groom thinks about it (or if he is kindly reminded by his hardworking and dear fiance), a gift from him could be just what you need! Whether it be a set of pearls, earrings, letters he wrote to you, or something else meaningful! The cool thing is you don’t have to necessarily be wearing it for it to be a special and “new” addition to your big day!

Wait, something borrowed?


1. Maid of Honor’s Jewelry

Since you have probably incorporated something from your family in the other things, why not make your Maid of Honor feel special? Or even another one of your bridesmaids? Borrow her favorite pair of earrings, her favorite necklace, or her favorite hair pin to hold in the veil. Whatever it may be, include your best friend in this special aspect of the day.

2. Veil

This is another time that you can borrow a veil. Whether it be from family or a friend, this is a great option for anyone who has already incorporated the “old” into their wedding get up already.

3. Flowers

If you are having your wedding in your childhood church or on a beautiful piece of property, plucking a few flowers and adding them to your bouquet can be a great addition.

Image Source:

Image Source:

4. Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Maybe your rich neighbor or family member has a pair of flashy sandals that you could only dream of wearing! Borrowing shoes, cowboy boots, flip flops, and sandals can be a great (not to mention free! Hello!) option when it comes to finding something borrowed!

5. Makeover? Heck yes!

Do you have that one friend that absolutely loves doing other people’s makeup? Having your friend use her makeup, bobby pins, hair pieces, nail polish/art, etc., is totally something borrowed! While much more on the simpler and “not noticeable” side, this is still a great choice available!

Blue everywhere!

1. Blue Shoes

Having blue shoes is definitely one of the easiest options, depending on the bride. Whether it be a cute pair of blue Toms, blue Converse, or your favorite pair of beat up Old Navy flip flops, this is a great and quick option. For brides who are OCD about colors and themes, this might not be as easy of an option.

2. Blue Garter

This is definitely something more traditional and is a great choice for a classy, old fashioned bride. It is also cool to see the bride toss the blue garter to a lucky bachelor at the end of the night at the reception.

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Image Source:

3. Blue accents

Whether it be bright blue stud earrings, a blue watch, a blue ribbon or small belt tied around the brides waist, blue toenail polish, or a blue belly button ring, blue accents are a great way to go when not wanting to draw too much attention to the “blue something”. While this is great for brides to get creative with, it is also plain and simple for those who want a more simple look.


The great thing about this whole concept is that you have the freedom to do what you want with it! Do not feel like you need to wear everything, mix it up! And even if you do not want to do everything, it still might be worth choosing one thing, even if that means wearing the ugly brooch all your siblings have worn in past weddings just to see the smile light up on your Grandma’s face. Even if it is just for a picture.

For more something borrowed, blue, and new tips check out this article!

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