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What’s the Point of a Rehearsal Dinner? The FAQ’s Answered!

All soon to be brides and grooms know that there needs to be rehearsal before the big day. If you are a couple who does not think that you need a wedding rehearsal, then you need to rethink that decision. But normally after the wedding rehearsal, the bride and groom will have a wedding rehearsal dinner for the family and friends that were involved. But the real question is: Why do we do this, and is it seriously necessary?

I know what you are thinking. Come on, we are already spending money on everything else. Why do we have to have another dinner for our friends and family?

Rehearsal dinners are not required, just like you would not have to have flowers in your wedding or food if you did not want to. But it is one of those things that is nice gesture for your bridal party and other family there supporting you. So take these ideas and suggestions into consideration when it comes to why and what to do with the whole wedding rehearsal dinner concept.

What is the point of having a rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is held before the wedding on the night of the wedding rehearsal. It is mostly hosted in the evenings, that way everyone can get off of work and arrive in time. The wedding rehearsal gives the opportunity for the family of the groom and the family of the bride to get to know each other after the rehearsal, and is meant to be a relaxing time before everyone comes together on the big day. If the bride and groom are tense throughout the wedding week, then this gives them the chance to chill and mingle with their bridal party, other close friends, and family before the big day.

What needs to happen for it?

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The bride and groom need to decide who exactly they want to invite (whether it be just the bridal party and family, or other friends as well) and what they want it to look like. Because it is their day, they can truly do what they would like! If you are a bride and groom that are confused, consider what food you want (do you want to cater? Order pizza? Make your own food?), who you want to invite (just the bridal party and family?), what time you would like it, and who you want to help you run it. These things need to happen for it to take off!

Who is in charge of the whole thing?

Technically, the bride and groom are in charge of the whole thing. But many times, the mother of the groom loves to take the reigns on this one, because most of the actual wedding planning itself is done by the bride and her mother. But if the mother of the groom does not care and the bride wants to assign a specific person (maybe her mom, close sister, grandmother, etc.) to help make sure the night goes smoothly because she will be focusing on the rehearsal aspect of things, this is totally acceptable!

Who do I need to invite?

So you, the bride, can invite whoever you want! It is suggested that you at least invite your bridal party and their spouses and children, immediate family to you and the groom, the officiant and their spouse, the wedding planner and coordinator, and the MC or band. Other people you could invite is family that flew in to come to your wedding (because they traveled so far, it is a nice gesture), and any other person that has committed a lot of their time to helping your big day be amazing!

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How do I go about inviting people?

If you decide to go with a laid back or smaller rehearsal dinner, then real invitations is not necessary. You can send a Facebook message, text, email invite, or make your own simple invitations if you want. If you decide to go with a formal dinner, then invitations should be sent out with proper RSVP in order.

Does it have to be formal?

Heck no! If you want to order some Chinese food or get your mom to make her famous grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone and have a campfire, why not? Not every bride wants the same thing! It is up to you if you want to go formal or more chill.

Do we eat before we rehearse?

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You can eat whenever you want! Although it may be more fun to get everything out of the way first, it can also make the dinner run really late, depending on how long the ceremony is. So it is up to you whether you eat or rehearse first, just take into consideration how late you want the food to get prepared or arrive.


So in conclusion, it is not required that you have a rehearsal dinner. But it is a nice gesture to give your close family and friends. And the great thing is, you can make it as laid back or as fancy as you want! It is meant to be a time of mingling and fun between new family and new friends. So enjoy it!

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