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Who Actually Pays For What: Brides vs. Bridesmaids

There is a line… A really thin line for who pays for what for a wedding. In a traditional wedding you know that the brides parents pay for the majority of the wedding, minus the rehearsal dinner (the groom’s parents pay for this). But what exactly does the bride pay for and what do the bridesmaids pay for? Eliminate some confusion and get this tricky subject out of the way! So let’s clear this up!

The Bride

As a bride, you will make your budget on certain factors. But you may have forgotten your bridesmaids in your budget. If you have 10 bridesmaids, you have to pay for all 10. Keep that in mind!

Hair and make-up

If the bride chooses to have a professional look of groomed hair and perfect make-up, the bride will be responsible for paying for all your girls.

Average cost: $180 to $200 per person.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but your girls’ flowers are the brides responsibility. Besides, if you buy in bulk (all of your flowers for the entire wedding vs. ordering smaller orders) you may get a discount.

Average cost: $30 to $60 per person.


If your bridesmaids aren’t from the area, make sure you set up sleeping arrangements for them! Make them feel as if they are right at home!

Average cost: $125 per night


Bridesmaid’s gifts, obviously, are the brides responsibility. Take this and run. If you want to get your girls a bracelet to wear on your big day, go for it! If you want them to have something totally unrelated to your big day, yassss!!! This is your “thank you” to them!

Average cost: “Whatever fits your budget” per person.

Transportation (for ceremony and reception)

If there is any sort of distance from your ceremony site to your reception venue, the bride covers the transportation costs.

Average cost: $600 to $800



By agreeing to be a bridesmaid, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions of what the bride needs and wants, remember that!


This includes everything… Their dress (which the bride may pick), shoes, jewelry, and alterations. The bride will communicate with the bridesmaids what she is looking for!

Average cost: $150 to $500.


Often times the bridesmaids as a whole will give the bride a gift; This is a gift of adoration. Keep in mind, this is also an optional term.

Average cost: Depends on your budget as a whole.

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Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

Normally, the bridal shower is a collaboration with the maids and maybe the mom and mother-in-law. They will cover everything from decor to food. However, the bachelorette party is the bridesmaids responsibility.

Average cost of Bridal Shower: $400

Average Cost of Bachelorette party: $40 to $150 per person


Being the bride is tricky and being a bridesmaid may be even trickier, but just go with the flow and learn to roll with the punches. The bride may be demanding, but remember this is her day and this is what you have signed up for. And brides! Don’t be afraid to (kindly) ask for help, that’s what your maids are there for! But now that you’ve got the nitty gritty details out of the way, happy planning!!




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