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Who Do You Tell The Minute You Get Engaged? Hint… It Isn’t Facebook!

Remember when people used to pick up a phone and actually make a phone call? Or when they would drop by for Sunday visit? Actual human contact with actual conversation! Image that! There seems to be a big question on who to tell your news to when you get engaged. We already know the ways not to announce your engagement, but who do you tell before you make it Facebook official?

The Brides Parents

If you are traditional, the brides parents will more than likely know that you are going to get engaged, but they may not know exactly when, where, or how. The brides parents will be thrilled that their daughter is so happy and that they have found the one that she will love the rest of her life.

The Grooms Parents

After the you let the brides parents know the happy news, you will want to let the grooms parents know! Depending on how close the groom is with his parents, they may or may not already know the great news. Either way, you want to share your excitement!


Your Grandparents

You grandparent’s will be thrilled to hear this news! They watched their children grow up and get married and now they get to share this happy moment with their grandchildren.

Your Siblings

Siblings can be tricky. Depending where they are in life they may not react the way you want them to. Siblings can be jealous of the engagement or they will be thrilled to hear that they are getting a new brother or sister without the annoying “growing up” stages.

Your Friends

Your friends will be so excited to hear this news. They will, sooner or later, figure out that they will more than likely be apart of your big day. Don’t slight them of the excitement of hearing the news from you personally.


You see your co-workers every day and they will be the ones that will cover for you when you’re out. Obviously you will have to take some time off with your wedding. You will more than likely take a honeymoon and maybe a day or two before the wedding to get things settled, it is polite to give your work family a heads up.

Get Creative

For your family and friends, give them the surprise of their life. Don’t give them a phone call that will last a couple of minutes. Give them something to open or tell them in a way that they will be shocked. Make it fun and creative. Make sure you have means to photograph their reactions. You can use the fun photo making the announcement, for your big day and for memory books to cherish forever!

After you have told the most important people in your life, you will want to make it official on all of your social media sites! You’ll get so many likes and congratulations, but just know if you don’t tell your family first, you will surely have hurt feelings in the end when they find out over social media instead of hearing it from the happy couple themselves! Don’t make this mistake when you get engaged! Happy planning!

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