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Why You Should Smash Your Cake

It is an ever growing thrilling mystery in the wedding sphere of whether or not the bride and groom are going to smash cake in each other’s faces when performing the cake ceremony. There are pros and cons to both. Nicely feeding the cake to one another is great because no one gets dirty and you get to fully enjoy the taste of your very expensive wedding cake. On the other hand, smashing cake into each others faces is super fun and has you fully experiencing your wedding cake in every way but taste. Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider smashing your fiancé’s face with your wedding cake during the cake cutting ceremony.

The Look on Their Face

It is not quite a look of betrayal, but it is pretty close. The look on their face will be priceless when you surprise attack them be shoving cake in their face. It will start off as a startled look and then they will not be able to wipe the smile, or the cake, off of their face.








The Feeling

The feeling of smashing a delicious dessert into your new husband’s/wife’s face will be extremely satisfying. This will be a food fight that you will not get in trouble for and that will be enough to quench your childhood thirst of starting one. You will remember this feeling forever so savor it as it is happening.

The Pictures

Everyone loves a good cake smash photo. This will be one of the photographs that you will look back on and laugh at because it is a guarantee that the looks on both of your faces will be priceless. This will be the perfect one to frame and put on the bookshelf in your living room.

The Cred

Not only will you both get lots of laughs and gasps from the crowd, but you will also receive mad cred from your guests. You will forever be seen as an amazingly funny and entertaining couple who decided to not be traditional when it came to the cutting of the cake.

The First Fight

Think about it, the best first fight to have is over wedding cake. Why wait for an actual issue to have your first fight on when you can just get it over and done with by smashing cake in each others faces.

The Good Time

What better way to start or end your wedding night then with the fun of smashing delicious wedding cake in your loved ones face. You know its a party when the cake is worn and eaten. Don’t worry about messing up your makeup because this memorable experience is definitely worth it.

The Memories

You will have no regrets looking back on your night when seeing that you took the fun route in the cutting ceremony rather than the boring, traditional route. The memories that surround you smashing your partner’s face with cake will forever stick with you and be a memory that you can tap into for endless smiles and giggles.

Smashing cake into your fiancé’s face is definitely the right decision that will spice up your wedding reception. Take a leap away from wedding tradition when approaching your cake cutting ceremony to give your guests a night that they will remember for years to come.

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