Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3 Product Review

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Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3

With the Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3, you get two round (7 inch, 10 inch) and one heart-shaped springform pan (9 inch).  These pans are great for all your baking and dessert making needs. They work from everything from cheesecakes to lasagna.

Top quality commercial-grade steel is used in these pans to provide a leak-resistant seal every time.  You shouldn't have to deal with messy clean ups or ruined cakes anymore.  The colors are vibrant and include orange, green, and purple.  You can order a set for yourself and they also make great gifts for the baker friends in your life.

The coating is non-stick.  This should help not only with helping things to bake without sticking, but with clean up too.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Vibrant colors
  • Non-stick
  • Durable
Springform Pans Set of 3 | Two Round & One Heart-Shaped Cheesecake Pans | Leak Resistant & Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Three-Pan Set: Includes two round (7 inch, 10 inch) and one heart-shaped spring form pan (9 inch). Perfect for all your dessert and other baking needs from tortes to tarts to lasagna.
  • Top-Quality Steel: Precision manufacturing with commercial-grade steel provides a leak-resistant seal every time. No more ruined cakes and messy cleanups, and your creations will brown evenly every time.
  • Festive and Fun: Vibrant orange, green and purple finish is a match for any kitchen. Order a set for yourself or to give to your favorite baker. The decorative box makes for easy gift giving.

Most Talked About Features: 

What People Are Saying

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As I write this review, there were 143 customers who left comments on Amazon along with 11 answered questions.  I've read through all of the feedback and then condensed the results into this article.   I hope that this helps you when shopping for a springform pan.

Solid and Won't Bend

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While evaluating other springform pans, the topic of the buckles getting bent came up over and over again.  But with the Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3, customers have commented how durable and strong these pans are with no tendency to break or bend.  It looks like the pretty colors aren't the only asset of this pan set.


springform pans

As silly as it sounds, the most frequent comments were about the fun colors of these pans. When I sat down to learn all I could about these pans, I also got excited because of the colors before I even started reading comments. While this may have no bearing on your baked dishes at all, it is fun to be surrounded by pretty things in the kitchen.  You will get a vibrantly colored orange, green, and purple pan in your purchase of the Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3.

Good Reports On Leakage

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For the most part, customers commented that this springform pan set did not leak. However, there were some people that had a problem with leakage.  As with most springform pans, a lot will have to do with the batter you are using. Thick batter should be fine, but you may or may not have a problem with very thin and watery batter.  Also, water baths can be an issue, as water may seap in.  This seems to be an issue with all the springform pans I've evaluated so far. Unfortunately, a small percent of people also reported leakage with the Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3.  For water baths, it should help to line the pan with aluminum foil first.

Stacks Well

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The Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3 stacks well.  Stackability is a good feature for those who like to keep a neat kitchen like I do.  I like when dishes and pans nest together for stacking in my cupboards.

Comes in A Giftable Box

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One of the first things I noticed about the Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3, after the pretty colors, was that this set comes in a pretty box.  This set would make a nice gift without any need to wrap it.  The box even has a drawn on red bow on it.  I love when I can order gifts online off Amazon and have it shipped right to a person looking festive.  For me, this small detail of a pretty box is a great feature, especially for gifting it to someone.

Make Sure To Dry Well Or They Will Rust

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Only one customer comment left feedback about rust on the pans.  I wanted to include this so you know to make sure to dry your pans well after washing.  A common complaint with other springform pans are that they will rust around the rims and around the buckle.  This set actually just had one comment that this was happening, which is less than the other pans I've evaluated.  Drying well after each use should prevent rust.

Easy to Unlatch

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The Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3 are easy for anyone to unlatch.  Some bakers are elderly and may have arthritis, but thanks to the easy unlatching feature, no one should have a problem unlatching these pretty pans when it comes time to take out your masterpiece.

My Conclusion 

The Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3 is a pretty set of pans that come in 3 vibrant colors of orange, purple, and green.  It also comes in a nice gift box perfect for ordering and shipping directly to someone as a gift.  For the most part, these pans don't normally leak, but if you use thin batter or plan on using a water bath, it's best to line the pans with aluminum foil.  The pans are easy to unlatch and won't rust if you dry them off well after each use. These pans nest well and are made to be durable.  You should not have to worry about warping or buckles coming off.  I highly recommend the Wilberry Springform Pans Set of 3 for yourself or as a gift.

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