Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Product Review

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The Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 is perfect for baking individual desserts.  These pans have non-stick surfaces that offer reinforced coating that provide quick releases and easy cleanup.  The dimensions are 4 by 1 3/4.  Each pan has the same dimensions, which is great for making layered cakes or multiple cheesecakes.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Perfect for mini cheesecakes
  • Minimal leakage
  • Non-stick quality
Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan, Set of 3, Silver
  • Perfect for baking individual desserts/recipes
  • Non-stick surface offers reinforced coating that provides quick release and easy cleanup
  • Dimensions are 4 by 1 3/4in

Most Talked About Features:

As of this writing, there were 696 customer comments left on Amazon for the Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3.  I've read through the feedback and then condensed the results here.  I hope that this makes your shopping experience easier.

Ease of Cleaning

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The Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 cleans up easily with its non-stick properties.  The inner rings, however, can get cooked batter stuck in. When that happens, which it does according to bakers who used it, it's best to let the pans soak a bit in warm water.  After soaking, clean as usual.  You can use a q-tip to clean that area if you need to. Make sure to dry well after rinsing to prevent rust. Rust can happen on metal springform pans especially around the buckles.

From Pastry Chefs

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While it's helpful to read feedback from all levels of bakers, I noticed that the Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 scored well with professional bakers and pastry chefs.  One of these professionals called these pans the best non-stick pans that she's ever worked with.

Perfect Size For Personal Cheesecakes

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One of the most popular items that Amazon customers used for these pans, were for personal sized cheesecakes.  

Good Price for A Set

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When comparing prices, make sure to look at what you are getting.  With the Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3, you will be getting 3 pans.  Most customers felt this was a great price for a set of 3.


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When evaluating springform pans, the issues of bending, warping, and buckles breaking off are bound to come up.  But with the Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3, I found these problems very minimal.  On the contrary, most people commented on how durable these pans were.  


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The Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 did get some reports of leakage, but nothing that aluminum foil wouldn't solve.  I have yet to come across a springform pan that does not leak a little.  Leakage often depends on what you are baking in them. Thinner batters will leak out more than thicker batters.  Also, if you are using a water bath for items like cheesecakes, except some leakage.  It will help and prevent the problem if you first put aluminum foil around the outside of the pans.  Unfortunately, springform pans do have some leakage issues with this one included.

Good for Portion Control

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If you are on a diet or just wanting to control your portions, these pans may be the perfect size for measuring out portions.  You can fill the pans with vegetables, fruits, and meats and then place food on the plate.  Some customers liked this size for portion control. Decide how many of these cake pans filled with healthy foods you will eat in day, and then try not to go over it.

Another Use for These Pans - Cooking Eggs

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Customers found other uses for the Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 and that included using the inner ring to cook eggs for bagels.  What a cool little trick that apparently works very well.  Simply take out the inner ring, put a little olive oil or your choice of grease down on the pan.  Then lay the inner ring on the frying pan.  Crack an egg above it and let the egg drop in center of the ring.  A few minutes later, and presto, you have a perfectly round egg for a bagel sandwich.


My Conclusion 

The Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 is a popular pan set.  Overall, these pans scored well on many areas. They are the perfect size for making mini cheese cakes and also for cooking eggs for bagels.  Because of the non-stick coating, these pans clean up easy and also don't allow for food to stick to them.  These pans are durable and tend not to bend, or have buckles break off.  The leakage factor is about the same as any of the springform pans that I've reviewed. If you are going to use a springform pan, you should take some precautionary steps to prevent leakage.  Covering the outsides of the pans is one way to prevent leakage. I hope my review of the Wilton 2105-2174 Mini Springform Pan Set of 3 helps you in your purchasing decision. 

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