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15 Amazing Winery Weddings You Won’t Want To Miss

Love is one of those phenomena that gets better with age. Just like wine. Don’t you love spending an afternoon at your favorite winery? Well…what if you got married there.

While so many things in life deteriorate, wear down, and break over the years of their existence, love stands the test of time. Love has no concept of aging — or at least the type of aging that results in weakness, slowing down, and the loss of function.

Love takes on the characteristics of a fine wine, one that only gets better with age!

The parallels between love and wine are enough to make you consider holding some part of your wedding festivities at a winery. You could reference the shared phenomena with cute signs, sayings, and themes.

But there are even more reasons why winery weddings make for the perfect wedding venue. Wineries are gorgeous! The mixture  of nature and industry, agriculture and elegance, hard work and great celebrations…

What’s not to love?

For amber waves of grapes

Bomb backdrop

Cheers to this

With this wine…

Nobody will be wine-ing

Wine and dine

Vinery at the winery

Dark and romantic

Live free, love strong

Perfectly pristine

As far as the eye can see

I think you’re grape

Homey yet heavenly

When in winery

Wine inclined


Choosing a winery as the location for your wedding is like finding a man who can do calculus and look good in a suit. A winery contains connotative meaning as both love and wine get better with age. But as the icing on the cake (or the suit on the nerd), wineries are simply beautiful. Consider a winery wedding for your big day!

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