Wubbanub Afrique Elephant Pacifier Product Review


The WubbaNub Afrique Elephant Pacifier is one of those cute and functional pacifiers loved by many parents.  It combines a stuffed animal with an infant pacifier.  What you get is a soft and soothing toy.

This pacifier is 6 inches long with the stuffed animal.  It is easy for infants to grasp and manipulate.  There are no pacifier cords or clips.  This pacifier is free of Latex, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.  It is made from medical grade silicone.  The dimensions of the WubbaNub Afrique Elephant Pacifier is 6 X 4 X 4 inches.  It weighs 1.6 ounces.

WubbaNubs are also available in a variety of animal shapes and colors.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Comes With A Stuffed Animal
  • Unique Gift
  • Shape
Mary Meyer Afrique Elephant WubbaNub
  • 6-Inch long animal friend makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier
  • Machine washable
  • Latex-free, medical grade silicone Soothie pacifier

Parent Reviews 


As of this writing, the WubbaNub Afrique Elephant Pacifier had 2,416 reviews and 78 answered questions.  I've read the reviews and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps you to make an informed decision when purchasing a pacifier.



I came across a couple of safety issues to be mindful of with this pacifier.  One comment that came up for safety, was to make sure that your baby doesn't sleep with it.  That customer said, 

"Just for safety do not let your baby fall asleep with it in the crib and unwatched, because it's not safe to have stuffed animals by your babies face... it's best if they are in a chair/swing/bouncy/car seat using it! but seriously a incredible product!"

Another safety comment was,

"Just one heads up on these that you may read elsewhere, your children will begin to chew the actual pacifier off the stuffed animal as they get older and the pacifier/animal get's older. If the pacifier comes off of the stuffed animal and your child is older, it's only logical to see that they could possibly swallow the "infant" pacifier. So just be mindful and careful when using these."



The price of the WubbaNub Afrique Elephant is higher than an average pacifier without a stuffed toy on the end.  Most people were more than willing to pay more and were happy with their purchase.  However, some thought they overpaid for what they got.  This is going to be a very individual choice as to whether you think the elephant on the pacifier is worth it, or if a regular pacifier without the toy would do the trick.

Ease of Cleaning


Some of the parents didn't like that you couldn't throw the pacifier in the dishwasher like other pacifiers without stuffed toys. But really, plain and simple, this is a stuffed toy also, and it wouldn't do too well in the dishwasher.  So, there is some give and take here.  The ease of cleaning is not quite as easy, as you will have to wash and wait for the stuffed animal to dry before it's ready to be used again.

Here is what one customer said about cleaning this pacifier,

"Tedious cleaning - I usually wash them on gentle in the washing machine but worry about my daughter ingesting detergent residue so I usually then wash off the pacifier top with a pacifier wipe."



The WubbaNub Afrique Elephant Pacifier is known mostly for it's shape.  Parents said that they liked the elephant on the end because it combined a pacifier into a toy.

One parent wrote what many others were saying when she said,

"My 2 month old baby girl adores her Wubbanubs. They are literally the perfect pacifier and pet!! They easily lay on her chest since they are heavier than a regular pacifier. The best part is that she can hold the Wubbanub herself so much easier than a regular pacifier. The different selections of animals are just adorable. They offer your baby something to look at while they are fading off into la la land. I find these much easier for my baby to use as opposed to the traditional pacifier, as the Wubbanub has several arms and legs your child can hold on to and grab to pick the pacifier up."



Overall parents said that this pacifier was just the right size for their baby.  I didn't see any issues with it being too big or too little. Parents liked that this pacifier would be harder to lose than a traditional pacifier without a stuffed animal on the end.  One parent said this about the size,

"My son's a preemie and Soothies were the only pacifiers he would take, but they were almost the size of his head! The animals helped keep them in his mouth."



This pacifier is made of latex free medical grade silicone.  The stuffed animal part is made from a soft material that most parents said their babies liked.  Here is what one parent commented, 

"Really soft material, and baby hand sized. I feel like he'll enjoy it as a toy as well as a pacifier and it'll be easy for me to find and him to use."

Another comment about the stuffed animal part of this pacifier was left by this parent who said,

"The material is so soft and it's a nice color.  My baby likes to hold it and "pet" it - it seems to relax her. She's teething and will sometimes gnaw on the feet or ears of the elephant - it's held up very well to this."

My Conclusion

The WubbaNub Afrique Elephant Pacifier is higher priced than just an average pacifier without a stuffed animal on the end. However, this is what makes this baby pacifier fun and unique.  A lot of comments came up about how these make great shower gifts.  Be aware that it will be a little harder to clean with that stuffed animal on the end.  It is recommended to throw the pacifier into the washer in a mesh bag.  However, not all parents felt comfortable throwing it in washing detergent.  One big plus that parents mentioned, is that this pacifier will be much harder to lose due to it's size. I hope that this review helps you as you decide what baby pacifier is best for your child. 

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