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You Can’t Live With ‘Em and You Can’t Live Without ‘Em: Family On The Big Day

A wedding isn’t always just the ceremony itself. There is the planning and the prep and so much to do to get things done in time for your big day. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, but why not ask for help in a meaningful way? Family! They love and support you with everything else in life, but where do you draw the line so that they can enjoy your day too?


A lot of brides use their crafty minds to eliminate cost and make their wedding more of a personal gesture. Making wedding invitations? Ask for help, make an assembly line of people to make the process go quicker. When you’re done, they surely will offer to help if you need anything else. If you’re making anything for your reception, ask your family for help, they will be more than willing to sit, chat, and have girl time with you. This takes part of the task off of your hands and gives you the opportunity to have that connection with your loved ones.

Handy Helpers

Have your family members act as a wedding “executer” of sorts, have them follow your schedule, ask them to hand out programs or seat people. Ask them to guide people to where they need to be when they need to be in certain places at a certain time. Have a friendly face at your guest book, have them make the guests aware of the gift table or the seating chart table. This will also initiate your family members to have conversations and mingle with other guests.

Ask Them to Speak

A speech or speaking a prayer at your ceremony or reception is another great way to have your family involved in your wedding. They can bestow upon you knowledge that they have, speak words of wisdom to you, or pray for you in a way that only a loved one can do. For some, a speech can be nerve-racking, but I am sure that they would be willing if you asked; And what a great honor to them and you!

Recognize Both Family Traditions

We all have family traditions, but not all of our traditions are the same. Ask your soon to be in-laws if they have any special tradition that you can include in your ceremony. They may have something special to include into your day. Have a description of each tradition if your family as a way to entertain your guest while they wait for your ceremony to begin; This also give a bit of family history to each side.

Have a Memory Table

Set up a table to honor those that aren’t able to be there. This honors those whom have passed, those that are watching over you from above. Have a picture and a description of who they are to you and when they passed; this allows each side of your family to know and understand who helped shape you into the people you are today.


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You may not physically want to have your family involved in the ceremony, but you may want to symbolize them in a special way. Ask to wear their wedding dress, or something that they may have had that they want you to carry with you on your day, maybe repurpose their dress into something more; like a clutch or a wrap for yourself or your bouquet. Make your other guests aware by putting it in your program that you’ve done so and you’ll honor them more than you’ll know.

Including family in your big day can not only make your big day special but it can make your day even more meaningful to everyone involved. Your family would be honored to help you on your big and grand day. They wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


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