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Author: Gabrielle Redcay

10 Ways to Survive Traveling With Kids

Picture this: sibling fights, spilled water bottles, crayons galore, hunger, exhaustion… No this is not a nightmare. You are traveling with kids. While that is the stereotype of travel when kids are involved, you can not only survive but thrive through this experience! It will not be easy. But armed with the proper tips and a desire to maintain your sanity, you can do it! 1. Gather all the activities While you don’t want to overpack, bringing along plenty of entertainment for your children is essential to survival while traveling. Depending on the number of children you have, allow...

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Baby Sleep Remedies That Will Help You Catch Some ZZZs

One of the most infamous struggles of early parenthood is sleep, or perhaps in better words, the lack of sleep. While each baby carries unique sleep tendencies, one thing is for certain when you become a parent. Your sleep is no longer your own. Some aspects of your child’s sleeping patterns are a part of their nature, and will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to change. But other aspects result from how they have been nurtured, and this is where baby sleep remedies come into play. So if you need to catch some more ZZZs, test out some...

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10 Shocking Pregnancy Myths

The moment someone announces a pregnancy, everyone suddenly becomes a doctor. The way a pregnant woman walks, grows and talks becomes evidence that she is bearing either a boy or a girl. The pace and movements of the growing fetus prove intelligence, athleticism and body shape. Cravings say less about the pregnant woman and more about the baby’s future tastes. No detail is too minor or obscure. Everything that takes place in the approximate 9 months of pregnancy is important. Or at least that is what your all-knowing, temporary doctor friends and family will have you believe. But do any...

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A Wedding Planning Checklist for Every Bride!

The Infamous Wedding Planning Checklist! In the age of DIY, it should come as no surprise that soon-to-be brides are looking to plan their own weddings. And so the wedding planning checklist was born! A bride no longer needs to deal with wedding planners. By doing so, she says goodbye to the expense, the lack of shared vision and the professional control over such a personal affair. The section of your budget and patience previously reserved for your wedding planner becomes free! A wedding planning checklist will be your best friend, no matter if you are planning the ultimate destination wedding in...

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Got Questions About Wedding Rings? We’ve Got Answers!

ecewnCan you imagine life before wedding rings? A man gets down on one knee to ask for his woman’s hand in marriage… and then stands up and gives her a hug. Wedding vows would not include the infamous line, “with this ring I thee wed.” And you can forget about the classic engagement photo poses that show off your new bling. But why have wedding rings become such an integral part of our relationships and lives? The History of Wedding Rings While wedding rings are far from the most important aspect of any relationship or big day, they have...

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