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15 Habits Every Young Adult Should Start

As young adults, we are always getting told what habits we need to pick up. We need to follow our dreams, or ignore them, be more confident, be less confident, try harder, etc., etc. With all that advice floating around on the web, how can we determine what is the best advice we need to follow? As a young adult myself, I have picked through the deep resources of the internet to bring you the best habits that all young adults need to start having. 

Start Saving Money

It can be easy when you get that first big job just to spend money like it’s water. There are so many fun activities to do in cities and towns for young adults, that we don’t blink twice in dropping $100 on one day of the weekend. But we need to start being wiser with our money. We need to start, dare I say, budgeting. Talk to your current company about 401 K options. Set up a saving account at your local bank to save a certain amount of your paycheck each week. Put a jar in your kitchen where you can collect your loose change or dollar bills. But save up your money now, or invest it wisely, so that you can continue to enjoy it later.

Get Into A Workout Routine

I am not saying that you need to start being a “benching 300 pounds, eating kale, and only wear Fabletics,” type of workout girl. But working out for 30 minutes each day is scientifically proven to improve your overall mood and mental health. And everyone can spare an extra 30 minutes. Find a workout that works for you, that you enjoy doing, and don’t worry about what other people think.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

I know that you think your body can still function on 4 hours of sleep as you did in college, but that is not the case in the adult world. Young adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Think back to how much sleep you got last week. You need sleep so that you can be the best version of yourself at work, with your friends and family, and just for your overall comfort. So turn off that episode of Netflix, and get some shut eye. 

Get A Mentor

There is a lot of life we still have left to live, and unfortunately to learn. Take advantage of the older adults who are around you. Find a mentor at your workplace who can help to teach you the ropes. Even look for a mentor in your local community that can equip you as you start to look to marriage, parenthood, or other stages of adulthood.

Learn To Cook

Sick of calling mom every time you boil pasta? Try learning to cook. If you hope to have any family of your own someday, you need to be able to feed them. Join a cooking class, ask your mom for all her old recipes, and use Pinterest to your advantage.


Now is the time to see the world. Make a list of the places you want to see and see them. Go on trips with your friends and families while you aren’t tied down.

Make A Dating List

Now I am not saying that you should make a list for your perfect man, and stick to it. I am not saying that you should hold men to incredibly high standards which you are unwilling to hold yourself. People have flaws, love is flawed, and no one in life can truly complete you. But, you are old enough now that you should be able to decide what you are willing to put up with or what is a deal breaker. If you always go for guys that break your heart, you might want to make a list and see if what you are expecting is too low. But, realize that you deserve someone amazing.

Be Resilient

Life is going to knock you down… a lot. Your 20s are a gold mine for lessons learned and given. Be able to bounce back when life throws you a few curves. If you lose that new job, go out and get another. If the man you thought you were going to marry cheats on you, say good riddance and put yourself back out there. If you lose a loved one, mourn for them and always remember what they taught you. 

Be Thankful

Realize how great the life you live truly is. Make a list every day or every week about what you are thankful for. Nothing is too big or too small. But start getting yourself in a more positive mindset that can carry into the rest of your life.

Get Quality Furniture

I know that buying quality furniture when you first get an apartment is almost impossible. But slowly, over time, start to build the apartment you always envision when you walk into TJ Maxx’s home section. Determine what your distinct style is, and load up that IKEA cart.

Have A Balanced Diet

 Now, I know that this tip is practically on every self-help blog post ever, but those posts won’t tell you to keep those fried foods you love. Keep a balanced diet. You don’t need to be starving yourself and only eating carrots and cucumbers every day. Also, you don’t need to eat a piece of cheesecake every day. Stick to the orange, red, green rule for every meal you eat. If you have a family history of illness, read up on what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding. 

Eliminate Toxic People

Unlike in high school, and even in college, you don’t need to be friends with someone just because you’re afraid you’ll be running into them too much. Don’t settle for the people who tear you down, don’t care about your life, and are a negative influence. You deserve to have great, quality people around you in your life, so don’t settle. 

 Invest, invest, invest

When you move from college to your first new town, you don’t get to take your college or friends from home with you. You have to start over and make new friends. Don’t stop investing in the people who are your best friends, even if they live hundreds of miles away. Set up weekly times to Skype or call someone on the phone. Send a card or letter just because you thought of them. Fly out to visit your friends on a weekend trip. Take a cruise with all your friends. Just don’t give up on including the active people you love in your life.

Call Your Parents

And not just because you need money. Living on your own is going to open your eyes up to how much you depend and love your parents. Spend time talking to them, your grandparents, and your siblings. Make sure that you love your family and build those bonds while they are still with you.

We hope that today you decide to start incorporating some of these habits into your life!

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