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10 Wedding Flats For Bride That You Must Check Out

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. From planning the venue to choosing your bridesmaids, a lot of thought must go into it. Each and every detail matters for your special day. When it comes to the apparel of the bride, there are so many options to consider wearing, that sometimes may seem difficult to make a choice.

The Right Pair of Shoes Can Make the Difference

 While you may have chosen the the most beautiful wedding dress already, the shoes are something that often gets overlooked. If you still haven’t chosen a pair of wedding shoes for your big day yet, you have come to the right place. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best wedding flats for brides that care about their looks and comfort. 

It is a long known truth that, as popular as high heels are, they can also be uncomfortable to wear. If you are looking for something more elibearting to wear on your wedding day, wedding flats are a good option. They are comfortable to wear, easy to put on, and are just as stylish as high heels. Just the perfect pair of shoes to have for your father-daughter dance. You would not want to crush his feet with those hard high heels.

In this article, I’ll be going over the top ten best wedding flats to consider wearing for your big day. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding.

So, let’s get started! 

Best Wedding Flats For Bride​

1. Elegant Park Women Comfort Flats Closed Toe Lace Wedding Bridal Shoes

These Elegant Women Comfort Flats have a lace design for them that make them elegant and unique. They have a comfortable, low, flat heel. These wedding flats for bride are designed to not hurt your feet if you stand all day. These low heel wedding shoes are perfect if you are wanting comfortable shoes that you can wear all day long.

Most of the customers who bought these wedding flats for bride were pleased with what they got. Keep in mind that you must use the size guide, as some customers accidentally ordered the wrong shoe size (but they quickly solved the problem with some toe filler cushions–because the flats are just that good).

Another customer suggested to be careful when combining different nuances of white. These flats are more of a white crisp, than an ivorywhite. Overall, these bridal shoes are perfect for your big day. 

2. MUSSHOE Women’s Peep Toe Flats

Unlike the previous wedding flats, the ​MUSSHOE Women’s Peep Toe Flats​ allow your toes to be seen. Therefore, they are similar to a sandal. The heel is very low, measuring 9.5CM. They come in two different colors: Ivory and white. The company also have custom-made flats as an option. You can change the color, heel height, and more details, such as you can add or remove the decoration with crystals, flowers, rhinestone, or more. 

They come with a leather sole which provides more resistance. So you will be able to use these flats even after your big wedding day, regardless if you have spent all your day on your feet. They are resilient.

Keep in mind that these wedding flats for bride run small. You may want to purchase them a size larger than the size you normally take. You can also take a look at the chart that the company provides. They will tell you what size you should take after you write in the chart the size you normally wear. 

3. ElegantPark Women Closed Rhinestones Comfort Flats

These next wedding flats for bride are elegant and unique. The rhinestones on the front of the wedding shoes provide a stunning look to these flats. The ElegantPark Women Closed Rhinestones Comfort Flats feature a closed-toe design. These wedding shoes come in many different colors, including ivory, white, black, blue, burgundy, and red. 

Although these bridal flats are supposed to fit as expected, some customers mentioned that they run small. To be safe, you may want to order these in a size larger. Also, you may not want to plan on wearing these for several hours. Unlike what some of the other wedding flats for brides, these wedding flats can become uncomfortable after a few hours of use. Besides that, these are a great choice for wedding flats to wear on your wedding day. 

4. Dress First Women’s Strap Wedding Flats

The Dress First Women’s Strap Wedding Flats feature useful, low heels that are comfortable to wear.  Every time you would take a step it would feel like walking on clouds.

It is made of man-made leather. They feature a cute strap that hugs your ankle for custom support and provides comfort throughout wear. Your feet will not slip, turn, or move out of place while wearing these wedding flats. You can run straight into the arms of your loved one and be sure that you would not have a Cinderella moment. They also make great bridesmaids shoes, and they can be worn for other special occasions besides your wedding. 

If your sole is wide, you should choose a larger size than the shoe size you normally take. All in all, these wedding flats are a good choice for any bride or bridesmaid. They are elegant, beautiful, and have pretty beads and lace on them. They are a good buy for what you get. 

5. KUNSHOP Women Wedding Ballet Flats

The KUNSHOP Women Ballet Flats are made with durable rubber soles and Pu leather. The soft insole is breathable. These wedding flats for bride are unique because they fold up to a small size for when you aren’t using them. This makes it easy to store them. The wedding flats are decorated with rhinestone flowers. Also, they are pointed flats, which would let them peek from under the hem of your skirt. Moreover, they are very lightweight, so they would not drag your feet down. You would not have to be worried that you`d stomp around at your own wedding. 

The KUNSHOP Women Wedding Ballet Flats come in many different colors, including silver, gold, and black. You can also purchase wedding shoes like them with a higher heel. These elegant, fashionable shoes are perfect for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, and for other special occasions. 

6. Melesh White Lace Flower Pearls Flat Shoes

The Melesh White Lace Flower Pearls Flat Shoes feature a round closed-toe design. They are a perfect pair of wedding flats for bride, as well as for the bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, and other special occasions. The lace and pearls make these wedding flats very elegant and stylish. 

Keep in mind that these wedding flats run small, so plan on ordering them a size or two larger. You’ll find an image on Amazon that shows you a chart on what size shoes you should buy. If you have wide or thick feet, you should definitely order a larger size. The company recommends adding 0.2″ on your feet to choose the right size. However, you may need an even larger size than this. Overall, these wedding flats for bride are a stylish choice, which makes them the perfect choice if you are into comfy and pearls.

7. LUXVEER Ivory Lace Flat Shoes

If you are wanting a simple pair of flat shoes for your wedding, the LUXVEER Ivory Lace Flat Shoes may be exactly what you are looking for. Made of leather and a rubber sole, these wedding flats are simply gorgeous. Unlike some of the other wedding flats in this article, these flats open at the toes so that your toes can be seen. 

Combining lace and satin together, these ivory lace flats are perfect for weddings. Make sure you order the correct size, as some customers mentioned their flats were either too large or too small. As long as you purchase the right size, these wedding flats are perfect for the bride. 

8. SheSole Women’s Beach Wedding Sandals

The SheSole Women’s Beach Wedding Sandals feature adjustable ankle straps so that they can be comfortably worn all day long. These sandals are designed with pretty pearls on the T-strap, as well as a small white bow. The thong design is simple and clean but offers a lot of sparkle and embellishment.

These wedding sandals go well with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, or a pearl bracelet. While these wedding sandals can be worn anywhere, they are perfect for a destination wedding. If you will be having your wedding at a beach, these sandals are perfect. Many brides who have worn these wedding sandals wore them at a beach wedding. Even if your wedding won’t be located near the sea, these wedding sandals are perfect for summer weddings of all kinds. They are easy to breath through, so your feet would not have to suffer the scorching heat of a summer mid-day.

9. DREAM PAIRS Flapointed Women’s Casual Shoes

Although the Dream Pairs aren’t designed to be used for weddings, they work great as wedding flats. They come up high in the back, but they don’t have a high heel. Therefore, they look similar to bridal heels, but they are low heel wedding shoes. The heel height is 0.15″. These flats come in many different colors. 

In addition to being stylish, these shoes are also very comfortable. They have a cushioned food-bed so that you stay comfortable all day long. Many customers commented about how comfortable these shoes are. Overall, the DREAM PAIRS Flapointed Women’s Shoes are perfect for weddings. 

10. Charles Albert Women’s Breathable Crochet Lace Flats

The Charles Albert Women’s Breathable Crochet Lace Flats are perfect wedding flats for bride. Their mesh design allows air flow into your foot. Because of this feature, these wedding flats for bride work perfect for summer weddings. These wedding flats are available in five colors: Mint, Coral, Black, Ivory, and White. These shoes are easy to slip on, as there are no laces to tie or straps to buckle. 

Keep in mind that some customers mentioned that these wedding flats for bride run large. Therefore, you may want to get these in a size smaller than the size you normally take. While it is better for them to be too large than too small, it can be difficult to wear shoes that are too big. Overall, these wedding flats for bride are perfect for weddings. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped you choose a pair of wedding flats for your big day. These wedding flats for brides are comfortable to wear and are just as stylish as wedding heels, if not more.

Why be like all the girls when you can be your unique self? Discard the high heels altogether for something easier to suffer through on your big day when you will have to stand all day.

Not to say, that an added bonus is that these wedding flats for brides  can be re-used for other special occasions. Fancy afterparties at other people weddings? Or just a plain night in town? You have your beautiful wedding flats to accompany you.

I hope this article has helped you choose a pair of wedding flats that will fit your needs. Happy shopping!

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