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7 Tips For Easy Sleeping During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman will require more sleep than a woman who is not pregnant.  The problem arises when sleep is not so easy to come by with the added discomforts including the space of a little human being onboard.  Thankfully there are some things that you can do to help you sleep while pregnant.  I’m going to go over some tips for easy sleeping during pregnancy that may help.


If your doctor has given you the ok to exercise during pregnancy, then stay active.  Exercise will help you to sleep better among other things.  Staying fit can improve your circulation and bring on a useful type of sleepiness that may help you to fall asleep very soon after your head hits the pillow.

Use Pillows To Get Comfy

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One of my favorite ways to fall asleep when pregnant was to hug a body pillow.  Hips can widen ever so slightly during pregnancy.  By placing a pillow between your knees, this helps take the pressure off the extra gap that pregnancy brings.  Pillows are inexpensive and may help you a lot to get comfortable at night.  Make sure to avoid lying flat on your back because this will reduce blood flow to both you and your baby.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol can have negative effects on your growing baby.  Consuming too much can even lead to birth defects.  This is the main reason to avoid these two things while you are pregnant totally.  Also, caffeine is a stimulant that can really mess with your sleep cycle, even if you drink it only in the mornings.  Alcohol can dehydrate your body and also interrupt normal sleep patterns.  It’s best to not touch caffeine and alcohol while pregnant.

Stay On A Regular Sleep Routine

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Sleep will come easier and at a greater consistency if you keep yourself on a regular sleep routine.  If you take naps, try to take them around the same time each day.  Also, make sure to get to bed at the same time each night.  This should hold true even if you aren’t tired and don’t want to go to bed. A sleep cycle routine is very important.

Stay Hydrated

By keeping hydrated throughout the day, you will avoid having to drink a lot before bedtime.  Because your growing baby is pushing on your bladder, you will need to pee much more frequently when pregnant.  Too much water in your system right before bed will mean that your sleep will be interrupted.  Try staying adequately hydrated throughout the day so that your bathroom visits will be less at night.

Eat Right

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By keeping the right nutrients in your system, you and your growing baby will be healthier.  A person who is fit and healthy will sleep better than someone who is eating junk food.  Also, night time cravings will be reduced greatly if you are fueling your body correctly.  Make sure to get plenty of nutrition from all of the food groups each day.

Reduce Stress

Do whatever it takes to reduce the stress in your life.  Especially try to reduce stress in the evenings before you hit the hay.  You may want to play some soft music, do yoga, or simply close your eyes and breath deeply.

Final Thoughts

Even though it may seem like pregnancy lasts forever, it really will be over before you know it.  If this is your first baby, try to enjoy the quietness that having no children calling for you brings.  Soon enough your baby will be placing even more demands on you than he or she is while growing inside.  I hope that by following some of these tips, that you will sleep more soundly and for longer amounts of time while pregnant.

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