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8 Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Safe During Trick Or Treating

Keep your kids safe this Halloween

Trick or treating is just around the corner, and now is the time to think about the safety of your children.  Though the world sees this as a super fun time, it can also be a very challenging time as a parent. As our world has changed, it can get harder and harder to keep your children safe during something as innocent as trick or treating. So, what are some tips for helping you do just that? How can you protect your kids while they have fun this Halloween?

Try Trunk or Treat

Many churches and schools have started to implement something called trunk or treat instead of trick or treat. During trunk or treat, people open up the trunks of their cars inside a safe parking lot. That way, kids can flit between the vehicles, but be in a contained area. Also, it is going to be way less work and walking for you. Check your local schools, community centers, and churches to see if any of them are having a trunk or treat this year.

Walk With Them

Even though your kids might just be walking around your neighborhood to go to the doors of people you’ve known for years, you can never be too safe. There are plenty of sick people out there who might scout safe neighborhoods or community centers for kids who are trick or treating. Being present is going to intimidate and discourage any predators. This doesn’t mean you have to be attached to your kids all evening, but don’t be afraid to follow them around in your car around the neighborhood, or walk along the sidewalk slightly behind them as they run ahead.

Check Their Halloween Bags

This safety precaution is essential if you have a child with mild or severe allergies. But, it’s still important to make sure that no one has put any adult content or anything inappropriate in your child’s trick or treating bag. You don’t even have to tell your children you are checking. My mother and I always went through the Halloween candy I received on my kitchen table. It was so much fun to see what delicious treats I had gotten each Halloween. This could be a fun game to play with your kids too.

Have Other Eyes Watching

Along with other parents in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to institute a neighborhood watch during trick or treat. It never hurts to have a group of parents walking with their children together or just someone who is watching over each street. Your eyes might miss something small, so the more eyes trained on your children, the better.

Think Bright

With winter approaching and it getting darker outside much more quickly, make sure that your kids are visible at all times. Tape reflective stickers or bright tape on their bags or back of their costumes. If you are concerned, make them wear safety vests when they are walking along the road. This will help other drivers to see your children more easily.

Also, Opt For Face Paint

Masks can be super fun and appealing, but they can also significantly obstruct your child’s vision. This can make it easy for them to run into something or wander onto the road accidentally. If your child’s costume does require a mask, just make sure that you monitor them through the duration of trick or treating. But, when you have the option, creative face paint can end up looking cooler and give your child the opportunity to see better during trick or treating.

Put The Cell Phone Away

Nothing can cause an accident like looking at your cell phone and not watching traffic. Your children are going to be so excited in their costumes and to get candy; they are not going to be looking around or watching where they are going. You need to be focused on your kids and making sure they are safe. So, when you are walking along busy streets, put your phone down and watch your kids. Make sure that you get plenty of pictures before you start going door to door, so you aren’t tempted to look at your screen. Plus, we all know how kids are. You have to get pictures in their costumes right away before they get destroyed.

Drive Slowly

There tends to be more traffic during trick or treating time. Make sure that you prepare for this and don’t speed. Realize that you are going to have to adapt to start and stop traffic. And, have your eyes peeled for kids or parents who might be walking along the side of the road. Just use extra caution on the 31st.

As you can see, trick or treating can be such a fun and special time for your family. And, it doesn’t have to be unsafe. If you have any tips for trick or treating that we failed to mention, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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