9 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy When You’re Stuck Inside This Winter

stuck inside during winter

Imagine being stranded at your house while it feverishly snows outside. Everyone is starting to get antsy, but you can’t take them anywhere.

What do you do with your kids to avoid everyone going crazy?

Hopefully, you won’t be getting a snow storm like this anytime soon, but perhaps you will come across a snow day. Or a rainy, dreary day. If the thought of being stranded at your house has got you a little worried, have no fear. We’ve got some ideas to prepare you for those days you are stuck in the house.

Make Something

Make some homemade play dough. Paint with edible paint made from fruits. Create a funny picture scene by cutting magazine clippings. Find a craft online that everyone is interested in making. Use old socks to make sock puppets and then put on a puppet show. Write a story together and then print it to share with others. As you can see, there are endless crafty ways you can pass the time together.

Learn Something New

Teach your children something you know how to do, like to play the piano or crochet. Then reverse roles and have your children teach you a new skill. Or you can find something to learn together from a video on YouTube.

Play Unusual Games

Pull out some old board games you haven’t used in a while. Play giant tic-tac-toe with marked paper plates and a board taped on the floor. Have a serious game of hide and seek using the whole house, perhaps even with some lights turned off! Play “Simon Says Draw” and have Simon give drawing directions to create different masterpieces.

Go Outdoors

Fill bottles with food coloring and paint the snow. Make an igloo. Build a fort and have a snowball fight! Try sledding in your backyard. Look for animal prints. Have a scavenger hunt. If it’s raining, put on your bathing suits and dance in the rain!


Find a yummy recipe to try! Not only will it make the house smell delicious, but it will use this time to cook, eat, and clean! You could also experiment with some ingredients and see what happens. Have an indoor picnic on the floor. Or set up a fancy place setting on the table.

Do What They Do

Spend some extra time with your child doing what they love to do! If they love to build with Legos, take time to make something together. Color together, play with Barbies, do whatever activity your child chooses to do with you.


Put on some kid-appropriate music and dance! Don’t be afraid to be silly and just move. Dancing puts everyone in a good mood, and you will create such fun memories!

Love on Others

Make “get well” cards for children in hospitals. Write thank you cards to deliver to veterans. Bake something yummy for the neighbors. Write letters to family members that live near and far. Create thank you packages for fireman, paramedics, police officers, mail carriers, or other community helpers. Teach your children to think about someone other than themselves and put it into action.

Have Some Quiet Time

All the fun you have is sure to make your kiddos tired! Be sure to allow for some alone time/quiet time for everyone to unwind. It’s important to take a break not only from activities but from each other. You can read, nap, play with some quiet toys, whatever you think will work for your kids.

Don’t forget to ask your kids for ideas too. There are endless ideas as to what you can do with your kids. Be creative and enjoy these moments!

What are your favorite “stuck at home” activities to do?


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