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Science Proves Wearing Pajamas Is Better For Your Health

Because everything is better when you don’t have to wear a bra, right?

According to the Havard Review…well, I might have fibbed a little bit. Though there is no concrete proof that pajamas offer bizarre yet effective health practices, it is true that wearing pajamas improves your mental health.  Truthfully, according to the Harvard Review, tests are currently being conducted to determine if having a positive mindset helps you live longer. So far, the verdict is saying that positive emotions are directly correlated to longevity. And I don’t know what makes women happier than not wearing a bra. And how can you not wear a bra and still be socially acceptable? By finding that perfect pair or pairs of pajamas.

Is there really a better feeling than climbing into your bed after a long day at work, with the kids, school, etc., complete in your favorite pajama get up? Imagine the plush sheets, the feeling of your comforter over your skin, and the “ahh,” that might be escaping your lips as you rest your head against the pillow. Ok, enough fantasizing.

I don’t need to say a lot to make you believe that pajamas are God’s gifts to us. As a certified pajama expert, I am someone who feels uneasy if I am not in my pajamas by eight at night. Frankly, I love to be asked by relatives, “Are you already in your pajamas?” or “Why haven’t you taken your pajamas off?” If you haven’t spent a Saturday laying in your pajamas all day, you haven’t experienced the true joy of life. 

Now, I might be on the other end of the extreme. I might be slightly obsessed with pajamas. I own about 20 pairs for both summer and winter, and never leave TJ Maxx without browsing the pajama section. I know that you might be apprehensive about making the jump from athletic wear to real life pajamas, but I am here to hold your hand.

Maybe you’re wondering what the right pajamas for you are? Maybe you didn’t even know there were different pajama styles? I am here to walk you through the right types and determine which pajamas are going to be the most comfortable for you. So let’s get started!

1. The Classic “Pajama Bottoms”

This is great if you are just starting to dabble in pajama fashion. It’s not a commitment, all you have to do is buy pajama shorts or pants, and pair them with a tank top or t-shirt that you already own. They don’t even have to match. But pajama pants have great health functions. First, they allow you to have some breeze down there without you feeling naked. Second, they are adorable to wear around your family members on vacation, in your dorm room, or in front of your boyfriend. Finally, they allow you to sleep longer because you are more satisfied when you go to bed. No more obsessively thinking about what you did through the day and what you have to do tomorrow, all you’ll be thinking about is comfort.


2.The “Full-On” Pajama Set

Now, this is a step up. Once you’ve assessed that you enjoy the pajama shorts or pants, it’s time to upgrade. You might want the whole set just for yourself. Why? Let me paint you a picture.  Picture a girl in her kitchen brewing coffee on a Saturday morning. She has messy hair, short pajama shorts, and her raggy college alma mater t-shirt on. Does that seem like a woman who is ready to face the day and conquer the world? Of course not. But a matching pajama set? That says you have your life together. My only warning is to be careful about see-through or loose tops. If you are bigger in the chest or it’s cold at night, you don’t want the whole world to see what’s underneath your pajama top. Try looking for pajama tops that are thicker or have built-in bras.


3.The “Night-Gown”

Now nightgowns are not for everyone. Some women love the freedom of wearing a nightgown, while some women feel overly exposed. It is up to you. I have personally purchased two nightgowns from the high-end pajama section of The Gap, and have experienced positive results. A great trick if you love nightgowns but feel uncomfortable walking around your house, is to put a pair of shorts underneath.pajamas

4.The “I’m Just In My Underwear” Look

I have to be honest, I don’t know a single woman who has ever worn a tank top and a pair of boyfriend underwear, but according to every Aerie ad I’ve ever seen, it happens. This could be a great way to be a little sexier with your husband or boyfriend, without going full on lingerie.



5.The “Flannel” Pajamas

Now, this is only for the truly experienced pajama wearer. Just like you can’t start out gymnastics learning how to do a flip, you can’t just start wearing flannel pajamas if you’ve never worn pajamas before. Flannel pajamas could truly be the most comfortable clothing I’ve ever experienced. And that includes a pair of fleece leggings my mom bought me from QVC. There is not a more spectacular feeling than wearing flannel pajamas, on old flannel sheets, and waking up on a cold winter morning toasty in your bed. Be cautious; these pajamas could be too hot for a college dorm where they roast you alive in the winter but are perfect if you live with someone who likes to keep the house or apartment at a frigid 65 degrees in the winter.


I know that this might seem like an overwhelming amount of information at once, but don’t worry, once you start wearing pajamas you too will get the hang of it. Have the best pajamas around? Send us a picture on our Facebook page! We will post our favorites!

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