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5 Steps You Can Take To Sleep Better At Night

Those 4 hours you got every night in college won’t work anymore.

Do you love sleeping? Is getting into your bed the highlight of your day? Do you wake up in the morning only to wish you were in your bed getting ready for the night again?

It’s safe to say that most people thoroughly enjoy sleeping. But, trying to get enough sleep in your busy schedule isn’t always so easy. So what are some ways that you can have a better sleeping routine?

Make It A Priority

I don’t know if anyone really loves sleeping as much as I do. I sleep naturally 10 hours a night if I have time, and recently slept 13 hours this past weekend. For the record, I’ve heard you have to sleep 30 hours straight to be considered in a coma, and that doesn’t sound too bad to me. And bears getting to hibernate all winter? Where can I sign up for that?

But, with so many different things vying for our attention every day and night, it can be hard to sleep. We find ourselves clicking to continue watching another episode of Netflix, read one more chapter of our book, or watch a hilarious video on YouTube. But, young adults from ages 18-25, need to be getting 9-7 hours of sleep each night. Just let that sink in for a minute. Did you get that much sleep last night?

In college, it is easy to survive on less sleep; it’s almost fun to see how long you can go before you crash. But in the real world, when you have to get up for work the next day, 4 hours of sleep isn’t going to cut it. So if you want to be healthier mentally and physically, be more refreshed to do your job, and feel better, make sure you get more shut eye.

Have A Calming Bedtime Routine

We live in a digitally run world. That means that all day we look at screens, only to come home and look at screens some more. The blue-light from our favorite digital devices might be a hindrance to our sleeping ability. It is suggested that 30 minutes before you fall asleep, you turn off the screen, read a book, listen to some music, or just relax your mind for the sleep ahead.


This is going to make you physically more tired out. Try adding a gym routine in the morning or afternoon to your schedule. Just make sure that you aren’t working out right before you go to bed. That’s adding two healthy habits to your repertoire.


If you’re anything like me, you might have trouble quieting your mind before you fall asleep. To help you stop those pesky obsessive thoughts, try to write out your thoughts for the day. Once you write your thoughts out, leave them in your journal. After you write down your worries of the day, push them out of your head, there is nothing you can do to solve them during the night. 

Cool It With The Drinks

Now I am not saying not to hydrate properly, but be careful of how much liquid you are consuming before you go to bed. Nothing is worse than sitting in your bed wondering when you’ll have to pee. Or waking up comfy and cozy in your bed only to have to go to the bathroom badly.

These few tips can help you as you start on the road to sleeping those 7-9 hours. Get those zzzs, your body and friends will appreciate it!


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