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10 Celebrity Friendships That Will Put Your Squad To Shame

Who’s your favorite?

Do you need a little best friend inspiration? We have it for you this Friday! We all know how incredibly important it is to have your best friend by your side during life’s up and downs. And celebrities are no different! So take some time to let your best friends know how much they mean to you today! Which celebrity friendship is your favorite?

1. Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift

This dynamic duo met in 2008 and have been best friends ever since. Not to mention seriously great entertainers.

2. Nina Dobrev And Juliane Hough

These talented BFFs were introduced through a hair stylist, and the two have been smitten ever since. Nina was even one of Julianne’s bridesmaids in her wedding earlier this summer.

3. Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid

From acquaintances to besties, these two models have become inseparable as they travel the world and share runways together.

4.  Courtney Cox And Jennifer Aniston

It just makes sense that Monica and Rachel would be best friends in real life!

5. Tina Fey And Amy Poehler

This comedy duo has been best friends ever since they worked together on Saturday Night Live. Together they’ve come to completely rule the comedy world.


6. Katy Perry And Rihanna

These two leading singers show that you can still be bad and best friends!

7. Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow

The duo has been close for decades ever since their husbands met at a music show.

8. Drew Barrymore And Cameron Diaz

These two became best friends while starring in the movie Charlie’s Angel. Diaz even planned Barrymore’s baby shower.

9. Minka Kelly And Mandy Moore

We know you always thought they were sisters, but in fact, they are just besties!

10. Jennifer Garner And Jessica Biel

The pair met while filming the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day in 2010. Every since then, they have been joined at the hip!

We can learn from all these celebrity friendships the importance of supporting one another and not giving into comparison.  Do you think that your besties could beat these friendships? Tag them on Facebook!


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