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15 Cheap Date Ideas For The Summer

Trying to find some things to do with your significant other that won’t break your bank accounts? Check out our favorite ideas!

Go To A Pool  

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When the temperature rises and you don’t want to be stuck outside, why not head to your local pool?  It can be very cheap to spend a day getting rays and dipping in the cold water. Be sure to bring your snacks and drinks to make the day complete. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


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Love the great outdoors? Love a good bottle of wine? Grab your favorite wine and your old camp blanket and head out for a night of looking at the sky. It can be a great way to have an intentional conversation and see the beauty of the evening sky.

Check Out Local Art Galleries

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Though traditional art museums and galleries can be quite the pretty penny, there is a huge trend for lesser known studios to have open houses and special day passes. Don’t be afraid to explore your local art scene on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. It can be a great way to learn more about your cities’ culture.

 Amateur Sports Game

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Have him actually take you out to the ball game. Often amateur sporting events are very cheap and just as fun as a professional sporting event. Baseball is America’s favorite past time, but with this tip, you can pay half the price. Make sure to grab a ball cap and sunscreen for this fun day.


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Who doesn’t love to pretend they are outdoorsy on Instagram now? Grab your favorite Patagonia and actually put it to good use. Find a new hiking trail you and your boyfriend can try out, or pick a camping site where you can rough it old-fashioned for a couple of days.


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A great way to save money and have fun doing it is to go thrift shopping together. This could be going to consignment stores for clothes, nearby thrift shops, or any antique stores. Start with $20 and see who can get the best finds throughout the day. 

Go To The Beach

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If you live by the ocean, which I hope for your sake you do, try to take a day trip up to the beach. Most beaches have public sections that are free or of little cost to use for the day. Make sure you bring snacks, sunscreen, and fun beach games.

Movie Nights

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Try once a month to come up with a themed movie night that you can have with your special someone. It can be a great opportunity to invite other couple friends to hang out as well. Some ideas include foreign film night, scary movie night, sports movie night, action film night, books that turned into movie night, and chick flick night. Just buy some popcorn and Twizzlers from the local dollar store, and you will be good to go!


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Not a beach person? What about the lake? A great day trip could be going out to the lake to spend the day. Most lakes offer fun and cheap opportunities like kayaking, boating, or a ferry ride. This could be a great way to do a healthy activity for much less.

Workout Together

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Are you both big into keeping in shape? A great idea for you could be to plan a couple’s workout. This could be as easy as going for a scenic run, to lifting weights at a local gym, to attending a fitness class. Most gym day passes are between $5-10 and could include access to rock climbing walls and pools.

Watch The Sunset Or Sunrise

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Nothing is more romantic than grabbing a bottle of wine, or your cereal, and taking on the day or night together. Simply drive out to a scenic location, or you can even stay at your house, and enjoy a time of great conversation and nature’s beauty.

Cook Dinner

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Go to your local grocery store and stock up on all the supplies you might need, and make dinner together. This can be a great way to sample each other’s favorite recipes or to try and see who has the better family dishes. Don’t forget to make dessert too!

Fruit Picking

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In the early spring and summer months, a very popular activity is fruit picking. You can pick almost any fruit known to man, but some popular ones include cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and oranges. Try to pick enough fruit that you can make one for your favorite desserts!


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Who doesn’t love a relaxed evening of mini-golfing? These places are wildly popular in the summer, can take up a good chunk of time, and aren’t too pricey.

Winery/Brewery Tours

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Love to drink? Many top wineries and breweries have free tours that they offer throughout the year. This can be a great way to learn how your favorite alcohol is made, and sample some of their new flavors.

We hope that these dating ideas can help you to save more money this summer. Know any great cheap dates that we missed? Feel free to comment below!

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