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The Best Guide To The Best Nail Shade For You

While women may think that it is not rocket science to pick the right nail polish bottle or color, well, it is time to rethink.  While it may look easy to walk into any nail polish salon or counter and order a couple of shades, but one needs to pay a lot more attention to the colors they pick. This article is for those females who want to wear perfect shades all the time.


Before you pick the best nail shade

Before you set out to pick a nail shade, ensure that your nails are in good shape and healthy. So before you apply a new shade, clean your nails and fingers properly. It is essential if you want your nails to look good. Even the best shade looks sloppy on a poorly manicured hand and nails. Thus, the first rule is to take good care of your hands and nails and keep them in good shape. There are many women out there who think that they wear the right nail colors as they get rid of all those empty nail polish bottles. The truth is that most of them are doing things all wrong. As the nails come in different shapes, sizes and skin tones, they need to be careful about the colors and shades they pick. Even the type of occasion has a deep impact on the color you’re choosing to wear. A bright and vibrant color is perfect for any party or wedding ceremony but not for any conference or daily office.

So many nail polish bottles and shades

It can be a struggle to pick the right shade from so many nail polish colors available in the market. There is an endless number of brands as well as shades available out there. One always gets confused if to stick to their favorite nail polish bottle or try out those new exciting hues.

Focus on your skin tone, the shape of nails, and the occasion while picking out a nail shade. Do not follow any latest trend or nail color blindly or wear it just because it is in fashion.  The color will look good only if it goes with your skin tone.

  • For the fair skin tones – The shades that look great on fair complexions are Nudes and pinks. Try a sheer pinkish nude that complement the look. Go for the classic red color that is sure to flatter everyone. Purple and blues are other shades that make the most of pale complexions and look very striking. You can try the new trends in nail color only if you wish to. But always remember a good choice in nail color can enhance your beauty, and the opposite will happen only if you go for the wrong one. Do not- Go for the very dark colors and shades
  • For Medium Skin Tones – The medium skin notes can vary from a bronzy to olive glow and certain shades can look gorgeous on your medium-toned complexions. Red, nude and pinks work best and give a natural look. Go for milder shades of nail polish bottles based on your preferences and looks. Do not – Go for the rust and gold nail polish or black or blue ones.
  • For Dark skin tones – Complement the deep skin tone with the shade of browns and nudes. Both pastel and dark shade of lacquer look amazing on dark skin. Colors with a darker berry-tint go very well with the darker tone and look absolutely vibrant with this skin tone. Do not – Go for light or pale colors as they give a washed out look with your skin tone.

The season and the occasion are important

What color you wear color is also dependent on the season and the occasion. For example, go for darker and warmer shades during winter and keep things cool during summers by wearing soft pastel shades. Pretty pastels and bright neon hues are perfect for spring.

When you apply the color on your nails, keep the occasion in mind. Perhaps you are going out for a casual day or a special event. You can experiment and explore your choice of fun colors when hanging out with friends. However, for a special night out, add a glamorous touch with gold, bronze or silver shade. Always wear neutral colors for a business meeting or if you have to go for an interview.

The color on your nails and your lipstick

What you wear on your hands or face is sure to make or break you. While the right colors and shades can give you a classy and stylish look, the wrong choices can destroy your looks.   Matching lip colors and nail colors do not mean that you have to wear the same colors rather they can be complementary to each other. You can use variations of the same shade too.

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